RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool Reviews and Comparison

The RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool comes with a universal shell holder and can be used with cases from .32 ACP to .45 ACP. It also has a primer tray to help you use the primers easily.

A lot of talks has been going around in the market about the RCBS hand priming tool, and we are here to tell you whether it is the right tool for you to choose. Let’s take a look:

RCBS Hand Priming Tool

Product description

The biggest USP of this tool is that it has the features of a few hand priming tools so that you use just this one instead of relying on two or more. It has a safety gate as well so that you don’t have to worry about tray detonation. The tool comes with accessories for large rifles and small rifles.

The pros

  • It is very easy to use and doesn’t need shell holders. It has a shell holder, which is universal.
  • Inserting brass is super easy!
  • Primers don’t flip over when you clear them.
  • There is no jamming problem, especially at the ram.
  • The fact that it is a universal tool makes it versatile and reliable.
  • You don’t need a free-floating primer.

The cons

  • Cover installation is a little confusing. There is the risk of the primer flipping over when you do it.
  • Flipping primers when needed is a time-consuming process. It takes longer than the others in its league.
  • Other hand priming tools stand on their own, but this luxury is not present in the RCBS hand priming tool.

The bottom-line

Every coin has two sides, and every tool has its pros and cons. The RCBS priming tool is no different. You can see that even though it has a few drawbacks, they are not big enough to completely ignore the product and look at other options.

The tool is universal and eliminates the need for multiple tools. It also makes priming easier and is much more reliable than the others in its price range. Although it managed to garner a few negative reviews, as we said before, it is an excellent purchase for priming. After all, it is a favorite product for a reason!

Did you use the RCBS hand priming tool? Would you like to add anything to this review? We would love to hear from you!

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