Kuiu vs. Sitka – Which one is better?

When you are all motivated to join your friends for the hunting season, the first thing you should do is arrange hunting great. A useful hunting gear will help you blend with nature, work as a protective shield against the sharp twigs, and keep you warm in the nights. Currently, two leading companies offering the best hunting gear are Kuiu and Sitka. In this article, we will be trying to highlight the main points of both these hunting gears.

Kuiu vs. Sitka

1. Hunting Style: Kuiu is the brand to choose if you are planning for active hunting. Their Peloton line gives you the flexibility to move around and is lighter in weight. On the other hand, Sitka is for those who are going to stand hunting. Their camouflage prints are better, and with windproof pants, you will be hunting without making any noise.

2. Weather Protection: Kuiu is a brand for those who are hunting in humid or hot weather. The fit of cargo pants is thin and has loose-fitting giving the freedom to move around. On the other hand, Sitka has thicker cloth, windproof design, and will keep you warm against the harshest cold wave.


3. Utility Pockets: Pockets play a vital role when you are hunting. You can carry an army knife, medical aid, spare bullets, and other necessary stuff. In this section, Kuiu losses as the company offer fewer utility pockets. Sitka mountain pants and Stratus jackets come with pockets that will help you carry around the gear with ease.

4. Breathability and Fast Drying Technology: Another essential factor that one needs to look for the hunting gear is cloth’s breathability. The pants should get dry faster, keep you cool and protect you against harsh weather. Kuiu uses the latest technology to make clothes lighter and breathable. On the other side, Sitka has thicker material that is windproof, waterproof, and keeps you warms in a colder region.

Final Say:

Both brands offer great gear to the hunter by providing adequate protection, flexibility, and breathability. If you plan your next hunt in a hot or humidity region with wet areas, we advise you to opt for Kuiu wear. This gear is lighter, molds around the body, and gets dry faster. Sitka is for those who are hunting, is a colder region with strong winds. The material is thicker, and with loads of utility pockets, you can carry other protective gear with ease.

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