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How to Remove Heavy Rust from a Gun – Tips to Make Your Gun Rust Free

It doesn’t matter where you keep your gun, whether you store it securely on the wall or behind the wardrobe, you can’t protect them from rusting. Whenever the gun is not in use, it starts collecting rust and needs some of your time removing rust from the gun. This way, you can give it a longer lifespan and durability. Eliminating such substances from the weapon is also essential to determine safety measures. It becomes risky to use a faulty piece that has a lot of rust on the body, especially on the triggers.

Reasons for Rusting

It is a universal fact that any metal object that is not being used regularly is going to attract rust. Not only that, even if it is in use but frequently in the touch of any human body, then also it becomes rust-friendly because of the sweat. Guns are typically made of metal and thus can’t avoid the rust. Apart from these reasons, humidity is also one of the primary reasons for rusting. Nowadays, modern guns come with a protective layer that may avoid rust for some time, although, anything can’t stop it forever. This article offers some of the easiest ways on how to get rust off the gun.

How to Remove Heavy Rust from a Gun?

The method of getting rid of rust is easy. You only need to stay focused and a bit careful so that the subtle finish of the gun can be appropriately preserved. It’s essential to have tools and products before starting the cleaning process. Removing rust requires the following tools.

  • Light Oil
  • Cotton
  • Soft Brush
  • Solid AP Brush
  • Napkins or a Good Rag
  • Steel Wool
  • Copper Penny

Let’s Make Your Gun Rust Free

Method 1: Lubrication

Take a sufficient amount of oil and cover the surface area of the gun. Put a significant amount of oil on the existing rust area and allow it to sit for a while. After a few minutes, you will see that the rust has become a bit softer. Now, take a copper penny and start rubbing the oily surface. This process will scratch out the rust.

If you are unable to rub everything with the use of copper penny, then you can also try using a solid AP brush for scratching. Once you scratch out thoroughly, take some paper napkins or soft cotton pieces to clean up all the parts of your rusted gun. Make sure to use soft towels so that the paper doesn’t stick on the gun surface.

Repeat the same process over and over again until you get satisfying results. As you can see, the process is easy. You just have to be patient enough to make your gun rust-free again.

Method 2: Steel Wool

If you find out that oiling will not work, then try using steel wool to remove Iron Oxide from the gun’s surface area. Start scrubbing and see how the trick of steel wool works and scrape off the rust with relative ease. If you think that it may dull the fine finishing, then don’t worry. The steel wool is not harder than gunmetal. It will not change the surface at the time of removing the rust. The only rule you need to follow is to keep the firearm in a stable position. Also, keep a dry cloth to clean the remnant rust particles. If you are not comfortable with the steel brush, you can also try less stressful brushes such as a copper brush or pad.

Bonus Idea: Remove Rust Using Battery Changer

You may not have heard about this method, but it’s quite a popular one. You can use Battery Charger as a Gun Rust Remover. It is comfortable with any material such as copper or brass, aluminum, alloy, steel, etc. For this method, you have to follow specific steps that are mentioned below.

Step 1 – Arrange the Materials

If you want to use a battery charger to clean rust off a gun, then you will need a plastic container and a steel rod. You will also need baking soda, water, and a battery charger.

Step 2 – Mixture of Baking Soda and Water

Step 2 – Mixture of Baking Soda and WaterFirstly, mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of water. This solution will make an electrolyte. Once you prepare the mixture, put the steel rod cautiously in a container.

Step 3 – Connect Cathode and Anode

When you put the rod in a plastic container full of water, the rod becomes the anode, and the water becomes cathode. So now, connect the cathode to the rusted surface and the positive terminal to the rod.

Step 4: Plug in the Charger

During the process of connecting cathode and anode, it is necessary to keep the charger connected. The bubble shows that the activity is still in progress. Allow the solution to sit and keep the guns inside it for a few hours.

Step 5: Remove the Gun

After four to five hours, remove the gun and wipe it with a cotton cloth. You will see the visible difference, as this method is one of the best ways to remove surface rust from a gun.

So, these are some top answers to how to remove heavy rust from a gun. We hope you have found this article useful and the idea of getting rid of the gun rust convenient. For more such updates, keep reading our blogs and know various hecks. We are happy to help! 🙂

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