How to remove carbon from guns – top tips for removing carbon from rifle barrels

The longevity of any equipment or tool depends on how well it is maintained. When we talk about firearms, particularly one needs to ensure that there is no rust, no bluing, and no carbon in them that could affect its functionality.

How to remove carbon from guns

In this blog, we are going to discuss the methods, particularly on how to remove carbon from the guns with ease to help you keep them in good shape and form. There are two methods that one can try from the following ones given below to remove the carbon.

Use a pencil eraser to scrape off the carbonUse a pencil eraser to scrape off the carbon.

As time progresses, there is a buildup of carbon in the gun barrels or in the other of even riffle guns for that matter. After doing several trial and error methods, I came across this wonderful tip of using pencils with erasers. You can easily get these pencils in any art supplies or stationery shops. Once you have gotten it, start rubbing the eraser in circular motions on the targeted areas. Keep a wipe cloth handy as you can use this to wipe off the rubber shaving that comes off due to this process. This can work well if you have the buildup in light bezels of your firearms.

Invest in a good gun carbon remover

Invest in a good gun carbon remover

If you don’t want to waste much time and get a product that makes your job easy, then I would suggest you invest your money in an effective gun carbon removers. These removers are formulated to remove the heavy carbon depositions from your guns without causing any harm to it or the users. These cleaners can be used in removing the carbon from barrels, throats, chambers, cylinders, gas points, etc. 

There are many such carbon removers available today, so all you need to do is to do a little research on the ones that do the job with perfection. One of such gun carbon cleaner that I would recommend is the one from Bore Tech. The buyers have loved this product so much because it takes them between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to get rid of that carbon buildup effortlessly. Many such other carbon dissolvers are available today that can do the same and reduce your efforts and time to clean the guns. 

A lot of people also suggest soaking the parts with carbon buildup in the cleaners to get rid of everything, but that is not something I would recommend. All carbon removers come with their set of instructions that can help you to achieve the desired results.

Concluding Remarks

Now that you know two methods that can help you to remove that nasty carbon buildup, I am sure the next thing you are doing this weekend is getting rid of it. I would personally suggest going for the second method as these cleaners are formulated to remove the hard and heavy carbon in minutes. A pencil eraser can work for less carbon depositions, but if you have a heavy deposit, then this method will take a lot of time to clean it. 

Also, you should periodically remove the carbon from your firearms so that the deposits are not too heavy to clean. Always remember that maintenance is the key when it comes to any product. Apart from removing carbon, make sure to remove the rust to extend the longevity of your firearms.

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