How to polish stainless steel guns: A complete guide for cleaning stainless steel gun

Sustaining the shine of a stainless steel gun is not as easy as it looks. It requires taking great care of the gun, from cleaning and polishing it frequently to storing it appropriately, which might be quite a daunting task for some. A revolver that looks shiny and can be used with ease is like a gem for gun enthusiasts.

A stainless steel revolver is resistant to rust, but it can still corrode. Polishing is a great method to protect your gun from such corrosion and spotting. Before we move on to how to polish stainless steel guns, let me tell you about the materials you will be requiring for this task. 

Essential tools:

  • A cotton cloth
  • A rotary tool with a wheel to apply polish
  • Sandpaper of different grit such as 220, 400, 600, 1000, 1200
  • A gun polish (Preferably a stainless steel gun polish)

How to polish stainless steel guns –  follow these steps

Step 1:

Collect all the materials that you might require for cleaning and polishing stainless steel guns, such as buffing clothes, tissues, newspapers, etc. Unload the gun and keep all the bullets safely in a proper place. Make sure to keep everything handy so that it is more convenient and time-saving.

Step 2:

You will require sandpaper for cleaning surfaces that might be scratched or rugged. Begin by judging the areas of the existing scratches to determine what grit to start with. If you’re not sure, use your lowest grit sandpaper, probably about 220 grit. You might need to sand in a circular manner or back and forward for a while to get a glossy look.

Step 3:

While sanding the surface of the revolver, escalate the grit by double to get glossy finishing. You can remove burrs or tarnish through lower grit sandpaper and then smoothen it with higher grit sandpaper of 1200 or 1500. 

Step 4:

After the surface looks shiny and even, use a cotton cloth or a swab to clean the surface of your stainless steel gun. You can also use a mini fan and a compressor to remove the remaining debris and other dust. Make sure to reach the edges and areas near the screw that are more prone to dust and dirt. 

Step 5:

You can apply the polish on the gun surface with a rotary tool. It is advised to begin with a skinny layer of polish. You are advised to follow the instructions for using the polish as directed. After applying the polish let the gun rest for a while.

Step 6:

Once the polished revolver has properly dried, you will have to buff the firearm with a smooth fabric or cotton pad. 

Your stainless steel gun is now all shiny and ready to use.

Final thoughts

We have accumulated all the necessary information for you to help you with cleaning and polishing your stainless steel revolver. Always use the best quality materials and follow proper storage instructions to reduce the harm on the surface of your gun. Follow all the steps above and let your gun shine above others.

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