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How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe – Easiest Way To Move Gun Safe

If you are a gun owner, then you know the risk of keeping a firearm at your place. Having a portable safe for your guns is the safest means nowadays. The huge vault/safe weighs 2000 pounds and more. These are obviously not the perfect portable ones, but these can have a permanent place in your house/workplace. But there can be instances where you have to relocate these safes, and it is not easy at all. 

So today, in this article, I will address you the stepwise method to move a 2000 pound safe quickly and with 0 risks.

PS: Owning a Gun is a huge responsibility. Please make sure you follow each detail and don’t show any carelessness. We are providing a free safety guide to all our subscribers. If you also want to know the safety rules, then please subscribe to us and be a part of the gunsmithing hero. 

How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

Moving A 2000 Pound Safe

If you want hassle-free, risk-free, and the fastest options to move your safe, then you need to hire a professional. These experts are best at their work and can help you move the risk. You can browse the internet and search for a professional gun-safe mover. But if you do not wish to hire a professional, then read the tips below to minimize the risk and move the safe safely. 

Tips To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

1. Plan out

It is very important for you to plan before you start using force. You need to map out how you will relocate the safe and what is the starting point and where the endpoint is. If you are relocating your safe within the house, then remove the furniture and things that are in your way. To create protection against walls and floors, you can put thick padding of blankets and rugs. If you are moving the safe out of the house, then plan out how many people will be needed, what is the transportation vehicle, and much more. You can ask your friends to help out.

2. Gathering Right Equipements2000 Pound Safe

Please, it is a request, do not use PVC Pipes and Golf balls at all. Rolling such a huge vault is not a joke. Use a heavy-duty dolly as it is designed to transport such heavy-duty appliances. This dolly can cart can bear and easily handle the weight of the safe. Also, make sure you unload all the stuff inside the safe first and then move the safe. Before loading the safe on the dolly, warp it well with thick blankets and tape the safe. 

3. The Moving Phase Of The Safe

Ask two of your friends to help you here. Firstly, load the safe on the dolly, then ask one helper to secure the back of the safe. Secure the safe on a dolly with ropes and tighten it. Navigate the route you decided to bring the safe out of your house. Take care of all the corners and edges. If you have planned the process well, then you will know all the measurements. Take extra care while moving the 2000 pound safe through the stairs. 

4. Load The 2000 pound Safe Into A Truck

There is nothing to worry about if your truck has a motorized loading ramp. But if not, then position your dolly in a way that you can easily pull it up to the ramp of the truck. It will take a while to pull the safe up but maintain the momentum. Once the safe is loaded inside the truck, make sure to prevent it from falling off. 


Moving a 2000 pound safe is not a piece of cake and thus must be taken care of. To eliminate the risk, one should always ask for professional help. If not, then follow the above steps and prevent danger. Always remember safety and security are our first priority. 

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