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How To Mount A Scope On A Rifle Without A Rail – Expert’s Guide

After playing PUBG for 3 long hours now, you must be thinking that mounting a scope can be as easy as it looks. But not in real life. You cannot just pick it up and keep on your rifle. It would be best if you were an absolute professional here. Installing the scope requires looks of patience and presence of mind. It is not a layman’s job. 

If you plan to mount a scope on a rifle without a rail by yourself, please don’t. It is not a piece of cake for sure. You will need a professional gunsmith to take care of and mount the scope. So this article will help you to find out how to mount a scope on a rifle without a rail. Keep reading to know the detailed step by step process. 

NOTE: All the step below should be performed by the gunsmith, and no one should practice these steps at home. Here the method is only written for the explanation and understanding of teh process. Please DO NOT TRY IT AT YOUR OWN. 

How To Mount A Scope On A Rifle Without A RailRifle

Before starting off with the steps, let’s gather all the important things that we will need. 

  1. Rifle (obviously)
  2. Scope according to your choice
  3. Mounting rings and perfect rails 
  4. A necessary tool for the gunsmith (if he’s coming at your place for help)
  5. A Boresighter

Step 1. 

Firstly, your gunsmith will take the gun receiver and keep it at a secure place and keep a special jig on the top of the holes. These holes are pre-drilled in a straight line through which the smith will drill through the rifle’s receiver. This will help the smith ensure if the hole is directly connected to each other or there is any slightest gap in between. 

If your gun already has the drill hole in it, you do not need base plates and follow this step. You can directly follow the procedure from step no. 2. 

Step 2. 

Here is the installation of the base plate. Installing a base plate will be a semi-permanent fixture that completely depends on the rail you install afterward. It would help if you stabilized your gun here. You can use a gun vice, bench vice or even rubber arms to stabilize the gun. Picatinny rail is the ideal and universal rail for your scopes. 

Step 3.

If you are using a Picatinny rail, then take a little amount of oil for coating underneath the rail. This will help prevent corrosion. Also, do not overdo the oiling and make sure there is no oil on the mounting screws as well. Now with the help of a torque wrench, fix the screws given according to the manufacturing specs. The gunsmith won’t need the manufacturing guide, but just for reference, you can use it. 

Step 4. Rifle

Once the rail is properly placed, all you have to for the rings and scope. Just double-check and install the scope. Now when the scope is fixed, you can also place a bore sighter below the barrel and test if the scope is working or not. Do level your scope and check the level many times. 

Testing your scope without bullets or slug in your gun will help you understand if the scope is mounted correctly or not. Also, if there is any mistake, you can rectify it before any hazardous incident takes place. 

Bottom Line:

Finally, I would like to state that if you are not a professional, you must hand your rifle to a gunsmith. Trying such steps all by yourself can have you as well as your scope and functioning of the rifle. And if you are pursuing your career in gunsmithing then the more times you try and work on mounting the scope, you will soon get the hang of it if you any more tips and easy ways to mount a scope, then please do mention in the comments below. I hope this article has helped you keep coming back to this page for more exciting articles. 

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