How to Measure a Shotgun Barrel – Easy Tips and Tricks

Do you measure your whole with a tape whenever you are asked by the legal orders to do so? Well, it is truly the wrong way to do so. Want to know the real method to measure a shotgun barrel? This article will guide you through the measuring tips and tricks for your gun. This is the basic process that you can follow and get accurate measurements. 

How to Measure a Shotgun Barrel

shotgun barrel

Create a safe place

  • This step is very necessary to perform as it may cause a lot of damage if taken lightly. Make sure your weapon is unloaded perfectly, and check if there’s no ammo inside the shotgun
  • Now make sure that the gunpoint is in a safe direction. 
  • Now you need a lever that can help move up and down like an elevator. 
  • You can then set the elevator up and slide back; this will eject any left rounds through the receiver. 

Let’s insert the dowel rod

  • Now you have to slide the dowel rod into the shotgun through the muzzle. Slide the dowel till it hits the breech face. 
  • You can use the dowel rod that has a smaller diameter than the gun to eliminate any damage inside the gun. 
  • Also remember, to never push or force too much with the dowel. 


  • With the help of a pen, mark a single line around the dowel rod. Mark at the point where the muzzle comes out. 
  • The accurate measurement of the marking is the key to the appropriate measurement of your shotgun. 
  • Also, make sure you keep the gun on a flat surface
  • You can use a pen, pencil, or even a marker to mark the points.
  • Now simply remove the dowel rod out of the barrel and keep the gun aside. 
  • Also, when you keep the gun aside, make sure you keep the gunpoint away from you in/safe direction.

Measure the final measurements

Measure the final measurements

  • It is the last and final step now; all you need is a measuring stick or tape. 
  • Keep the dowel rod on a surface and measure till the marked point.
  • The distance between the two-point of the dowel is the length of your shotgun. 

How to measure Semi-Automatic Shotguns?

There is just one point of difference and added step in Semi-Automatic shotgun. You need to follow the same steps as a side-by-side shotgun. Complete step one, and the very next thing is to close the breech face. It is very important to close the bolt of the shotgun by pushing it forward and then down. 

Bottom Line:

It was really easy, right? I am sure that after reading the article above, you must have found out how to measure a shotgun barrel. It is definitely not a difficult task to perform; just make sure that you do the 1st step very perfectly; everything depends on the very 1st step itself. That’s all for now. See you again soon with some interesting articles. Keep testing your skills and be the gunsmithing hero. 

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