hexmag vs pmag – Know from experts which is best?

Hexmag and Pmag are the BEST magazines available in the market today to guide the users. Both magazines – Hexmags and Pmags – are tested and approved by the National Tactical Officers Association. Hence let us study both the magazines and find which one is superior.

What is Hexmag?


Hexmag magazines are reliable and trustworthy options tested and approved by the National Tactical Officers Association for guns. They are strong, lightweight, and loaded with innovative features and patented designs. Their features include the industry’s first ammo ID system, stainless steel internal springs, texture surface design, and torture-tested design. Besides, they also have patented Tool-Less Design for easy and fast floor plate removal which will be helpful for any gun owners.

Along with Tool-Less Design, they also allow field cleaning and HexID color customization. Above all, their innovative designs include improved handling characteristics, Hexmag Grip Tape, and Hexmag’s HexID color Ammunition Identification System.

What is Pmag?


A Pmag magazine is a lightweight, cost-effective, and highly reliable polymer magazine. It is built with Next-Generation impact and crush-resistant polymer. It includes a long-life stainless steel spring, a self-lubricating four-way anti-tilt follower, and a constant curve internal geometry design.

It also has easy-to-disassemble and quick handling flared floorplate, low profile ribs, the texture of front and rear surfaces that deliver positive control. Besides, it has a Magpul paint pen – dot matrix pattern on the bottom panel for easy identification. As we have individually seen both the magazines, let us now differentiate Hexmag v/s Pmag and find which one is better for guns.

Hexmag vs Pmag

We have tried to differentiate both the types of magazines based on few features as follows:

1. Based on the color of follower and base plates

Hexmag has a spectrum of different color options for replacement follower and base plates, which help in choosing a color scheme for ammunition variation and quick identification regardless of the end you are looking for the magazine. 

The bright followers also help to see the magazines in the chamber with low light conditions. In the case of Pmag, you do not have many color options for the follower and base plate. Hence Hexmag is a better option than Pmag in case of color for follower and base plates.

2. Based on the strength and feel

Hexmag has a torture-tested design, and it can stand up to all sorts of misuse, whereas Pmag has Next-Generation impact and crush-resistant polymer design. However, comparing the components and their fitting, Hexmag looks less precise and cheap in fit and finish than Pmag. It is best for guns.

The follower and base plates of Pmag fits well into the defined slots and provide a snug integration between the parts. On the other hand, Hexmag has many rooms around it and feels loose and wobble on touching the magazine.

3. Based on the texture

The Hexmag has a patented hexagon surface pattern and has a superior grip, but the texture is slick and smooth whereas, Pmag has a texture that feels rough and is easier to grip.

4. Based on spring

Pmags spring is stiffer, thicker, and of higher quality. Hexmags spring is easier to compress than Pmag. Due to the strong spring resistance of Pmag, re-assembly of magazines is more complicated than Hexmag


Well, we hope that you have understood the difference between the two magazines and got an idea about which one is better. According to our research and knowledge, we would like to recommend Hexmag as it functions correctly, is strong and durable. They have good color options and redeeming qualities than Pmag. However, Hexmag needs to have a robust spring, few additions to its texture, and improved component fit.

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