Gun Oil Substitute – Top Alternatives For Gun Oil

Lubrication is an important part of gun maintenance. Regular upkeep ensures that your gun is in great shape and ready to spring into action when needed.

Gun Oil Substitute

The most common and easiest way to lubricate your gun is to use gun oil. Yes, the market has plenty of gun oils that you can choose from but they are expensive. This is why, most of our readers are looking for alternatives. And, surprise! There are a few good ones!

Choosing A Good Gun Oil Substitute

To get your hands on a good one, there’s some amount of testing and research that you must do. Below are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • It should ideally have anti-corrosion properties.
  • Good gun oils usually have an additive for withstanding wear & tear and extreme pressure.
  • The thickness of the gun oil substitute is also important and this depends on the weather conditions you live in. Thick oils are good for hot climates and thin oils are suitable for cold climates.
  • Consider what your gun needs and choose the right viscosity. We cannot give you a suggestion here because the viscosity depends on the gun you have. While choosing, remember that low viscous oils flow faster while those with high viscosity are slower.
  • The color of the gun oil substitute should contrast the color of your gun.

Top Gun Oil Substitutes

Just because you want to save a few bucks does not mean you compromise on the quality. There are some good substitutes that can give you exactly the results that gun oil would. We shall talk about some of the most popular options today and whether they are worth your time.

  1. WD-40: WD-40 is one of the most common substitutes. Users say that they have used it for years without any problems. But, we advise otherwise. Even though it feels like a great lubricant, it is not. It is not meant to grease your gun and it is not a solvent. It will evaporate very quickly when applied to guns and that is why it is not a good choice.
  2. Vegetable oils (plant-based): You can choose olive oil or mustard oil instead of gun oil. These plant-based oils are suitable for those who are looking for high viscous oils. The only thing to remember is that they may attract flies.
  3. Froglube paste: This is a very common alternative. It is affordable and of high quality at the same time. What’s more, it works like a charm! It protects the gun and lubricates it well. It is also non-toxic.
  4. Motor oil: Motor oil can also work for your gun. We trust Amazon Basics for this purpose but you can check and choose other options as well.


Gun oil has many substitutes and you don’t need to stick to the expensive choices at all. All you have to do is to be careful about the factors we mentioned. Go on, then, choose your favorite gun oil substitute and lubricate your gun. All the best.

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