ELCAN vs ACOG – Which Is The Better Medium Range Battle Optic?

The US Army uses different types of firearms and optics on the battlefield. Among the most popular ones are ELCAN and ACOG. They are both medium range optics that have helped our soldiers protect our country over the years. But, if you were to choose between them, which one would you prefer?


While they are both highly efficient and reliable, there are a few differences that set them apart. Learning about these differences will tell you which of these optics is suitable for your needs.

ELCAN vs ACOG – A Brief Introduction

ACOG is an American optic while ELCAN is Canadian. They are equally popular on the battlefield for warfighting and for civilian range use as well. In this article, we will go through their specifications for further understand their uses.

ELCAN vs ACOG – The Specifications


  • ELCANThere are two variations of ELCAN based on the magnification (variable zoom)
    • 1-4 X 
    • 1.5 to 6X
  • The eye relief of this optic is around 70mm while the exit pupil is 8mm and 7mm.
  • You can get 0.5 MOA /click with these battle optics.
  • It comes with reticle illumination.
  • ELCAN weighs around 23 oz, which is quite heavy.
  • It uses the CR2032/DL1/3N battery.
  • Its mount is called ARMS QD.
  • The body of this optic is made of forged aluminum.


  • ACOGWhen it comes to ACOG, you have 4 x 32mm magnification and 3.5 x 35mm magnification. Point to note here is that it has fixed zoom.
  • The eye relief is 38.1mm or 61mm, varying with the optic you choose to purchase.
  • If you get the ACOG 4X, you will get 0.5 MOA/click but if you choose the ACOG 3.5X, you will get 0.33 MOA/click.
  • The ACOG optics are much lighter in comparison with ELCAN. They weigh only around 10 to 14 oz.
  • The reticle illumination is either tritium or fiber optic.
  • If you require a mount, you should look at aftermarket products.
  • The body of these optics is made of 7075 T6 AL.

ELCAN Vs ACOG – The Differences

Now that you are aware of the specifications of each of these medium range optics, comparing them will be a piece of cake. Some highlights are as follows:

  • The first thing you will notice is that while ELCAN has variable zoom, ACOG does not.
  • Also ELCAN is much lighter than ACOG, which can be an advantage in multiple situations.
  • ACOG is more suitable for mid-range combat while ELCAN is good for short and mid-range purposes.
  • ACOG has better optics but in terms of eye relief, ELCAN is the clear winner.
  • When it comes to the field of view, it is hard to beat ELCAN. You will get a large view without any problems even at 100 yards – around 35-37 feet. This is much lower in ACOG with only 28.9 feet field of view at 100 yards.
  • ELCAN performs excellently in low light because its objective lens is quite large.

ELCAN vs ACOG – The Verdict 

Our vote goes to ELCAN because of its distinguished features, some of which are clearly more superior. However, if you are impressed by the features of ACOG and do not require low light viewing, you can definitely consider that optic as well. 

When it comes to popular products like these, it all eventually boils down to personal choice. We hope our article helped you get clarity about each. If you have any doubts, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

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