Do Muzzle Brakes Affect Aaccuracy – The Truth About Muzzle Brakes

We hear a lot about muzzle brakes in the world of shooting. They can seem quite intimidating in the beginning but shooters insist that they are helpful and really handy. However, doubts about the effect they have on accuracy keep surfacing. In this article, we attempt to clear those doubts.

What Are Muzzle Brakes?

Muzzle Brakes Muzzle brakes are those giant things you see on guns and tank models. They are a means to dampen the recoil so that the shots are not so noticeable. This is especially a problem with large guns and weapons.

Muzzle brakes also work to reduce the amount of smoke a gun discharges, enabling your vision to be clear between shots. Otherwise, the smoke can come in the way and distract you from your target.

While sound reduction and clear visibility are two important benefits that not many other accessories promise, there is a downside as well. The sound pressure increases when you use a muzzle brake and the shooter or the person in their vicinity has to suffer the consequences. It can actually get quite inconvenient.

Do Muzzle Brakes Affect Accuracy?

Every time we talk about muzzle brakes, the point of accuracy comes up. The good news is that, when placed/installed properly, they do not affect the accuracy of shooting at all. Muzzle brakes come into action after the shot is fired. So, logically, there is no way they can ruin your shots. This totally understandable concern has been brought up many times, which is why we thought we would clear the air once and for all.

So, along with not worrying about distraction and problems, you should also not hope for better accuracy with muzzle brakes. That is simply not how they work.

People Also Ask

1.) Do Muzzle Brakes Make The Gun Louder?

No, they actually don’t. They redirect the sound, which is why the shooter hears it the loudest. 

2.) Is Muzzle Brake Legal?

Yes, a muzzle brake is legal in the USA. 

3.) Is A Muzzle Brake A Silencer?

Yes, it functions as a silencer.

4.) Are Silencers Illegal?

They are legal but there are laws governing their usage, which you must be familiar with.

5.) Does An AR 15 Need A Muzzle Brake?

No, it does not.

6.) How Much Louder Is A Muzzle Brake?

We would say around 40% louder.

7.) Can You Hunt With A Muzzle Brake?

Yes, you can. But you will need to wear hearing protection gear to protect yourself from the noise


The main purpose of a muzzle brake is to reduce the recoil. It has zero impact on the accuracy. If you choose to use it on your gun, we recommend that you also purchase good quality protective gear because you and your partner will need protection from the sound pressure. If you have any more questions regarding this, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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