Colt Rail Gun Reviews – Top Review For This Handgun

Colt is one such brand that you can completely rely on. This particular brand has been serving the world since 1836, and now it has the most trusted type of weapons used by the US military itself. They have a wide range of products available for users and every type, whether being a beginner or a professional. 

Colt Rail Gun Reviews

So here’s an article on one such model from the brand, Colt Government Model 1911 45 rail gun. It is one of the finest fighting handguns we have in the market, with clear precision and ultimate usability. Below is the detailed review of the product, so keep reading the article below. 

Colt 1911 Rail Gun Review

Colt 1911 rail gun reviewThe colt government model 1911 45 rail gun is designed with one single motto, to give the best chance of survival to the soldiers and battle at a short-range. This colt model has various advantages like rear trigger compression, low bore axis to limit the recoil, hand-fitting grip, and so on. This rail gun allows you to carry fast and accurate shots. All in all, colt guns will never fail to impress the users and mount light/laser. Click on the link below to get the product and know more about the same.


  • It has a full metal construction which gives a very posh look. 
  • It has a tri-dot, white dot for combat sight.
  • It has both front and rear slide serrations.
  • It has a smooth functioning frame with extra safety. 
  • The body of the gun has a very sleek and realistic finish that makes the gun outstanding. 

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Product Details:

1) Versatility

This gun rail offers a great scope of versatility to attach tactical lights or laser sights to make the gun more powerful. 

2) Grip

It has a beavertail grip safety topped on the gun to protect from “slide-bite. The upswept grip is by far the strongest one ideal for the rapid draw and deployment. 

3) Ideal for left and right-handed shooters

This colt rail is equipped with a safety lever and a tactical grade that makes it perfect for both-handed users to adapt the style easily. 

4) Perfect trigger

It has a three-hole aluminum trigger with a serrated face which helps the finger to place on it properly and aim nicely. It has flared and lowered ejection ports to help you emptying cases and clear the gun quickly. 

Bottom Line:

Colt is and will be my first choice always. If you are a beginner or an advanced level user, you must rely on Colt and this particular rail gun for silent working and target with absolute accuracy. The 1911 45 rail gun will walk through all the hardships and work effortlessly with great service. The government model gun is ideal for personal defense and service usage too. There is nothing to change about the gun or replace any part. I hope this detailed review must have given you a wider aspect of purchasing the weapon. 

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