Best Workbench For Gunsmithing – Top 5 Workbenches In 2021 For Gun Cleaning

It is incredibly frustrating to work on your gun tasks inside the house. Whether it is in your office space or on the dining table, you have to make do with distractions and compromise on the quality of the workspace. Moreover, you always run the risk of leaving toxic materials behind. That’s almost never safe. To avoid such risks, it is always better to have a dedicated table or workbench for gunsmithing.

Best Workbench For Gunsmithing

A sturdy wooden table in the garage will create the right ambience to work with your firearms in peace. You don’t even need anything fancy! A table that doesn’t wobble and has a non-skid surface is good enough.

Best Workbench For Gunsmithing – Buyer’s Guide

Just like everything else, there are numerous options of workbenches for you to choose from. From a simple table to a large workbench loaded with features, there are enough picks to satisfy every need. Based on the available features and your requirements, you can zero in on the best. We have listed out common and useful features here for you:

  • Deep and strong drawers to store your tools
  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless steel or wooden top for easy gun cleaning
  • USB ports and electric outlets
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Powder-coat finishing
  • Adequate thickness
  • Warranty

Best Workbench For Gunsmithing – Editor’s Choice

A sturdy workbench will be your companion through many tasks such as reloading, assembling parts of the firearms, vice clamp applications, torque barrel nut, mounting scopes, gun cleaning, etc. So, why wait? Let’s go through some of the top gunsmithing workbenches available today.

1. Goplus Adjustable Workbench – 48”

This is a bamboo workbench for the garage, designed to help you with heavy-duty work. It is a spacious workbench at 48 inches with the following features:

  • Goplus Adjustable WorkbenchIt is versatile thanks to its adjustable height. You can choose from 15 different height settings.
  • It has a solid steel frame and a hardwood workstation. The top board is made of bamboo for added durability and sturdiness.
  • The table’s load capacity is around 1500 lbs.
  • The board is finished with UV oily paint that’s safe and environment friendly. It measures 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • Its feet are adjustable too, allowing you to get a steady platform even if the surface is uneven.
  • The round corner design keeps you and your family members safe from nicks.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent finish on the board
  • Good value for money
  • May not be able to handle really heavy-duty tasks

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2. Fedmax Workbench – Tool Benches for Home Improvement

The Fedmax Workbench comes with caster wheels and adjustable legs to give you exactly the height, comfort, and space you are looking for. Below are a few more details:

  • Fedmax WorkbenchThe workbench has 14 height settings. You can choose to sit and work or stand and clean your firearms – it’s all up to you!
  • It promises hassle-free installation thanks to its detailed instruction manual. You do not need any additional tools either.
  • This is a stable bench with levelers to avoid wobbles even if the platform is unstable. 
  • Despite being large and spacious, the bench is easily portable. It comes with casters that you can install after removing the levelers. You can then roll the bench to any place you want.
  • The board is made of acacia wood while the frame is stainless steel. Both these materials are of high quality.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to transport
  • Good finishing on the board
  • Solid wood
  • The hardware that comes with the workbench is not enough for easy installation

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3. Seville Classic Lighted Hardware Top Workbench

Seville is a frontrunner in the world of workbenches. Its products are usually tough and well-made, designed to last for years without problems. Here are a few highlights:

  • Seville Classic Lighted Hardware Top WorkbenchThe workbench has a powder-coated steel frame along with leveling feet to help you get a stable base.
  • It comes with a sturdy pegboard and 23 hooks to hang your work tools.
  • The board measures 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • It also two deep drawers for additional storage.
  • The work surface is quite durable, having been made out of beech wood.
  • The metal frame is resistant to corrosion.
  • You can choose from two color variations – light grey and dark grey.

  • Easy assembly
  • The pegboard is made of metal
  • The bench comes with an LED light and power strip
  • Nothing

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4. GOLDPRO Tools Multipurpose Workbench

The GOLDPRO Workbench has power outlets and a cabinet light along with some attractive specifications that are bound to impress you. Let’s take a look:

  • GOLDPRO Tools Multipurpose WorkbenchThe workbench has a pegboard to help you store tools.
  • The capacity of the desktop is 220 lbs and that of the top shelf is 44 lbs.
  • The body of the bench is made of stainless steel and it has an enamel finish.
  • It has a 14-watt fluorescent light for the cabinet.
  • The bench also comes with a three outlet built-in power strip.
  • Its drawers are deep, easy to glide, and have a good amount of storage.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fade-free
  • Built-in power strip

  • Slightly difficult to assemble

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5. WORKPRO Adjustable Workbench – 48”

The last one on our list is one of the more affordable options out there. But, don’t worry. It does not compromise on quality or functionality. Below is a closer look at its offerings for you:

  • WORKPRO Adjustable WorkbenchIt is made of hard rubberized wood, which is durable and strong. It does not succumb to wear & tear easily.
  • The top has a transparent coating that protects it from natural elements, keeping it safe.
  • The workbench has adjustable height from 31.5 inches to 39 3/8 inches. It has 3 overall settings for you to choose from.
  • It comes with a fitted power strip, which is ETL certified
  • The bench also has 2 USB-A ports and 4 AC outlets.
  • It comes with detailed installation instructions.
  • Sturdy and durable workbench
  • Can handle quite some load
  • Multiple ports and built-in power strip
  • The power strip is not of great quality

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A good workbench will make the process of gun cleaning and gunsmithing fun and easy. So, we encourage you to invest in a durable option. That doesn’t mean you spend a lot of money on the same though. The options we mentioned here have a balance of features and affordability to help you zero in on the best. If you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to ask.

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