Best Prism Scope – Easily Focus On Your Target (2020 Update)

Technology doesn’t wait for anyone, and we all know that well. When it is the hunting season, you need to get the perfect tactics, the right approach, and the best gear to take down your prey. Yes, the red dot sight still doing good, but now a prism scope is a must. A good-quality scope is an essential thing for your gun to get the best hunting experience. Let’s have a look at the best prism scopes to focus on and aim the target quickly.

What is a prism scope?

Still, many people are not exactly aware of the working of a prism scope. 

You may know that a typical riflescope uses a series of lenses. Such settings help to focus more on a specific point compared to a telescope. The small distance between the barrel and the lens increases the transmission of light to see the object more clearly. When the light passes through the objective lens, it creates more focus on a particular point inside the scope. While for prism scope, to make the focus of light, a prism is used rather than a lens, but the functionality is similar. An advantage of using a prism is that it has an etched reticle as well as an illuminated reticle. So, for tactical shooting, a prism scope is the perfect option to choose.

Best Prism Scope

Let’s have a look at the top prism sights available in the market today. Let’s have a look at the top prism sights available in the market today.

1. Vortex Optics Spitfire 3X Prism Scopes

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3X Prism Scopes

The Vortex Optics prism scope has claimed as the top-ranked product in this list with the help of sturdy construction, rapid acquisition, and affordable price. The reticle, dubbed EBR-556B, gives more efficient operation in CQB environments and medium-range shootings. 

Features and specifications of 3X Prism Scope by Vortex Optics are:

  • It is a rugged build that will provide the simplicity that you get with the red dot scope, but with the helpfulness of an etched reticle.
  • The waterproof and shockproof structure makes it ideal for any terrain conditions.
  • It has a 3x magnified optic, which provides a magnifying range of 0 to 500 yards. 
  • The CR2302 flat battery will provide a continuous use of 250 hours at full brightness and up to 3000 hours at lower settings.
  • It is particularly optimized for the AR-15, M4 rifles, but it works perfectly on the AK-pattern rifles, pistols, and other types of guns also.
  • This prism scope comes with a fully multi-coated treatment for an anti-reflective operation and an excellent light transfer. 
  • It is compact and lightweight with an aluminum alloy material, and O-rings seal.
  • The purging of the nitrogen gas in the scope allows you to use it in foggy conditions.
  • You will get five adjustable lighting levels with green and red illumination settings.

If you have an AR-15 or similar rifle, then go for this Vortex Optics 3X prism scope without any habitations. It has a high price tag, but it is a worthy product.

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2. Monstrum Tactical Ultra-Compact S330P 3x Prism Scope

Monstrum Tactical Ultra-Compact S330P 3x Prism Scope

If you are on a budget and still want a top-ranked prism scope for your gun, then I will advise going with the S330P 3X prism scope from Monstrum Tactical. It does not come with all A to Z bells of high-featured most expensive units, but it will do the job efficiently and mostly the same.

Specifications and features of Monstrum Tactical S330P 3X Prism Scope are:

  • Its ultra-compact design makes it easy to handle and use. 
  • Despite the small construction, it provides heavy-duty operation and works best for the AR rifles as well as close to mid-range shooting.
  • The 3x magnification with a 30mm objective lens provides you the target range of up to 500 yards.
  • The black reticle with red or green crosshairs makes the sight visible with or without illumination. So, you don’t need to worry about whether it is a light or dark environment; you will get a clear vision either way.
  • With the better optical quality feature, you can even use this scope with both eyes open.
  • It will automatically return to zero when you remove it from the rifle.
  • It is available in black and flat dark earth colors. You can also choose the option with flip-up lens covers.
  • You will get a one-year warranty on this prism scope from the company.

At first, I thought it is a joke that this gun scope is available at so lower price, or it will not have all the features mentioned on the site. But with my surprise, I was wrong.

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3. Monstrum Tactical Marksman P330-B 3X Prismatic Scope

Monstrum Tactical Marksman P330-B 3X Prismatic Scope

Again from Monstrum Tactical, P330-B Marksman prism scope is sharp in looks and performance both. It is perfect for a rapid shooting of the small to medium-range targets. Unlike the traditional rifle scope, this 3x prism sight provides a better optical output in a smaller package.

Features and specifications of P330-B Marksman Prismatic Scope by Monstrum Tactical are:

  • Just like the above model, this P330-B scope has reticle, which is visible with or without the illumination, which allows you to have a clear sight despite the lighting condition.
  • The 3x magnification & 30mm objective lens, you will have an easy target acquisition of up to 300 yards.
  • It comes with a fast battery that will provide a durable power for long-lasting performance.
  • You can choose from the black or flat dark earth color options.
  • It is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum in a hard-anodized body that will provide sturdy operation in different terrain conditions.
  • The Monstrum Tactical provides a one-year warranty on this product.

The P330-B is a top-quality prism scope that will provide a sharp vision across a long distance to get your target quite comfortably without getting noticed.

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4. Steiner Optics Waterproof Prism Sight

Steiner Optics Waterproof Prism Sight

The Steiner 3×32 reticle 5.56 prism sight is perfect for a faster and more precise aiming in different lighting conditions. This close mid-range scope is designed for AR-15 rifles but can work efficiently on other types of guns too.

Specification and features of Steiner Prism Sight for Rifles & Guns are:

  • You can mount or detach it easily, which allows you to use it across multiple platforms rapidly. 
  • It comes with a 3x magnification with a 32mm objective lens, which makes it easy to carry, especially while patrolling. 
  • The red dot reticle will help you to target the object easily in medium to close engagements.
  • You can use the Picatinny rail for mounting an x1 optic on the top of the ICS to make it more flexible and versatile. 
  • If you get a defective product, then you can claim the warranty from the company for a lifetime. You cannot replace the product in the case of damage, theft, or loss, though.
  • The S332 prism scope from Steiner is a Germany made product which means there is no cheap quality item you get. It is perfect for patrol rifles and carbines.

The M332 prism scope from Steiner is a Germany made product, which means there is no cheap quality item you get. It is perfect for patrol rifles and carbines.

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5. Bering Optics Supra 3.0×32 Prismatic Sight

Bering Optics Supra 3.0×32 Prismatic Sight

The BE54030 prismatic sight is built explicitly for all calibers of firearms, including 20 gauge, 12 gauge, 7.62 x 54, etc. Its sturdy & resistive structure allows you to use it anywhere, even in harsh conditions without worrying about efficiency. I used this scope for over two years and didn’t have any complaints about it.

Features and specifications of Bering Optics BE54030 Prismatic Sight are:

  • It has a waterproof and shockproof design that allows you to use it in any environmental condition.
  • It comes with 3x magnification and 32mm objective lens for perfect shooting in small to medium ranges.
  • The five brightness settings, along with red or green illumination reticle options, help you to select your most suitable view.
  • You can use any of the 3V CR2032 or DL2032 or ECR2032 battery in this scope for continuous use of more than 300 hours. You may use it even without batteries.
  • It is built with aircraft-grade aluminum material along with heavy-duty, sturdy mounting screws.
  • The company claims the focus range of 3 yards to infinity, but I got the perfect sight till 400 yards in my shooting experience.
  • You will get a limited lifetime warranty on the product. Contact the manufacturer for more details before buying.

The BE54030 prismatic sight from Bering Optics is an affordable, reliable, and durable option for the multiple types of firearms.

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Using a Prism Scope

Many users think that a prism scope is difficult for set up and use them to compare with traditional rifle scope, but the actual thing is the opposite.

When you get the best prism scope, you will experience a quick & easy installation in your firearm. It comes with a multi-height mounting system which helps you to make the settings of any height according to your preferences. The prism scope mostly has an inbuilt Picatinny mount at the bottom that makes the installation easier.

One of the best advantages of the prism scope is its resistance against the obtrusive reflection. If you regularly use glasses while using the regular scope of the rifle, then you may be aware of this intrusive reflection. This reflection of the dot gets eliminated when you use a prism scope.

How to purchase the best prism scope?

Many brands provide top-quality scopes, including both the rifle scopes and prism scopes. So, choosing the right scope may be a little bit difficult task for you. But, with the top products reviewed above and the below quick guide will help you to buy the best prism scope without any snag.

1. Reticle

Almost all the prism scopes come with the etched reticle and an illumination reticle. Many of them also allow you to choose from the green or red illumination reticle while using. When this illumination reticle doesn’t work for any reason, you can use the etched reticle for targeting the object. Depending on the brand and model, this etched reticle can be a cross or dot. So, check that and choose as per your preference.

2. Construction

The overall build of the prism scope affects the target focus. The best prism scope will be compact, unlike the holographic sights, as well as will have a rigid, stiff body for durable operation.

3. Magnification

This list is dedicated to the 3x prism scopes, but most of the models mentioned here are providing a good range of magnification because it is the imperative feature of a prism scope. With a higher level of magnification, you can easily target the object at a far distance. For example, the 3x prism scope will help you to focus up to 500-600 yards quite comfortably. The 2.5 to 3 times of magnification is perfect for a prism scope.

4. Lens

A multi-coated lens on a prism scope provides you a brighter view even in the dark conditions. But such scope can have a higher price than the non-coated prism scopes.

5. Battery

Usually, the battery of a prism scope will run over hundreds of hours. The main reason behind this is that the prism scope is not as power-hungry as a reflex sight or a holo sight. 

The weight and the diopter adjustments are also the things that needed to have a consideration while picking up the best prism scope for your gun. Most prism scopes come in a compact and so lightweight design. The diopter adjustment helps to use the 1x magnification instead of the red dot sight to the people with astigmatism.

The Bottom Line

Before you make up your mind for a particular product, do consider the things mentioned here and the products that have been reviewed. It will help you to get the real value of your money by helping you to pick up the best prismatic scope. 

I am resting my hands with this. 

Thank you for joining me.

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