Best Powder Trickler for Reloading – Top Brand Reviews of 2020

You need the right powder trickler to achieve the perfect powder charge, and that’s very important for accuracy. The market is flooded with various options that you can choose from, making it confusing.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best powder tricklers to help you out:

What is a powder trickler?

Ticklers are the basic tools from which one can achieve the perfect powder charge. These are the typical machines that can be used to move small/minute particles of powder. It can also move threaded tubes or two kernels at a one single time. It moves to a scale pan to achieve the precise weight of the powder. Powder tricklers are not very expensive, and you can also rely on them. Most of the powder tricklers are manually operated. This can be tiring and time-consuming too if you are reloading for more than one time. Apart from manual tricklers there are electronic tricklers that perform the task at the touch of just one button.

How to choose the best powder trickler?

There are 4c major aspects one must focus on and decide on those aspects. Looking towards them, one can easily choose the best powder trickler. 

Any powder trickler must have adjustable height to use it with any scale. The ability of adjusting the trickler will help you to fit in any scale and perform perfectly.

A stable base is a great loss, and your powder trickler must be very stable and solid. To make sure a sturdy position on the bench, stability must be there. Stability also affects and adjusts the height to make the process simpler. 

Durability is the key to a better outcome for the machine. Your product must be durable and should run for a long time. Look for the product that’s made from heavy materials that hold the structure well. 

Precision is the most important aspect. Your trickler must create the most precise power measurements. Also, it should be from reliable/ reputable manufacturers. It must weigh accurately and charge weight precisely. 

How to use a powder trickler?

Using a powder trickler is very simple; all you need to do is just follow the steps below:

  1. You must place the powder trickler on a flat surface to maintain a strong foundation.
  2. It should be placed far away from the object so that you can swiftly operate. 
  3. You must know how much amount of powder your cases can hold, and later you should place the trickler to measure. 
  4. After setting up the arrangement, now you have to pour the gun powder into the trickler. 
  5. Now you have to change the speeds as you need. 
  6. Now pour the accurate amount of powder through a funnel, and this way, you have filled the case. 

Best Powder Tricklers

1. Hornady Powder Trickler

Hornady Powder TricklerOne of the most reliable powder trickler options on Amazon, this one is just the right weight with a smooth mechanism. You can use it to dispense as less as a couple of grains in one go.

Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  1. It is very easy to use with knob mechanism. Just turn the knob, and the trickling will begin. The powder comes out slowly, enabling you to measure accurately so that you get the perfect charge.
  2. For some users, the fact that it is lightweight is a real bother. If you prefer something heavier too, this one is not for you.
  3. It is a consistent, affordable option with good construction, ensuring that there’s no leakage.

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2. Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler

Frankford Arsenal Powder TricklerThe Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler dispenses minute amounts of powder so that you get exactly the load weight that you are looking for. It comes with dust covers that protect the powder through the process.

Here are a few more of its features:

  1. It has a non-skid base.
  2. It does not tip over thanks to its heavy machined steel. This is a feature that almost every user loves.
  3. Its powder capacity is much higher than average.
  4. It works well with a wide range of scales, powder types, and supporting reloading equipment.
  5. It is a horizontal trickler with no slope.
  6. You only need to spin it for 2 seconds for a full grain to be dispensed.
  7. Even though it is slightly more expensive than the others in its league, the fact that it is heavy and does not get tipped over gives it bonus points.

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3. RCBS Powder Trickler

RCBS Powder TricklerMade of sturdy construction, the RCBS powder trickler promises long-life and durability. It is precision crafted, enabling you to get exactly the charge you desire.

We’ve listed down a few of its features for you:

  1. It is heavy and does not come with the risk of being tipped over.
  2. It has an adjustable height.
  3. You can tilt the base while turning if you want to in order to get better flow.
  4. It is very simple to use, but some users say that it is quite slow when compared to other tricklers.
  5. It is a great product from RCBS and only requires you to keep it clean and dry.

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4. Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measure

Lee PrecisionThe Lee Precision powder trickler is an ideal choice for large rifles. You can use it precisely from 2 grains to 100 grains based on your requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  1. Even though it is recommended for rifle cases, the brand says that it works fine for pistols as well.
  2. It comes with a bench mounted stand for stability and ease of use.
  3. You can calibrate it by volume and stays dialled in as you use it. The accuracy it offers is impressive.
  4. If you want a measure that supports automatic dropping, this may not be your choice.
  5. One thing that users do not like is that it is not very easy to clean. Thus, if you use it regularly or change powders frequently, you will have a tough time cleaning the powder measure.
  6. The product comes with instructions that help you simplify the entire reloading process.

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5. Hornady 505010 Lock-n-Load Quick Trickle

Hornady 505010 Lock-n-Load Quick TrickleMade by the popular company, Hornady, the Lock-n-Load quick trickle is easy to use and provides great precision.  You can deliver a large quantity initially and then finish off with small precision to get the exact measure.

A few of its features have been listed below:

  1. It has a very heavy, sturdy construction.
  2. It is perfect if you want the hands-on accuracy of the powder charge.
  3. It has double-sided, sealed ball bearings, which ensure that the trickle is smooth without the interference of any stray powder.
  4. You can operate it on high speed or low speed based on your convenience. This is a star feature, according to many users.
  5. It offers 3:1 gear ratio.
  6. It may be slightly harder to clean this one. So, if you change powders now and then, you may want to look at other options.

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6. Layman E-Zee Flow Universal Powder Trickler

Lyman E-Zee FlowThe Layman trickler stands apart from the rest in that you can use it with just about any reloading scale. This makes it very versatile and convenient.

Let’s skim through a few more of its features:

  1. It has an adjustable base.
  2. It comes with an extension through which you can use electronic scales.
  3. Users have reported that the trickler is extremely precise.
  4. The tube is made of metal while the hopper is plastic.
  5. You can easily trickle one grain at a time with it.
  6. It may not be the best powder trickler if you are looking for high-end use but for its price, users say it is simply amazing.

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7. Redding Reloading Model No. 5 Powder Trickler

Redding Reloading ModelExtremely easy to use, this Redding powder trickler comes with a low centre of gravity. This means that it is stable and solid. It is made out of steel and will not tip over easily.

Here are a few of its features:

  1. It is built with the ideal height for any reloading scale.
  2. It weighs 1 pound.
  3. To add a granule, you simply need to turn the knob. It can add one or two granules with each turn.
  4. You can increase the charge weight by 0.1 grain, which means you can very easily reach your target.
  5. It is small sized, but since it functions only as a trickler, users say it is perfect.

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Hope the above-mentioned products will help you to get the perfect powder charge for your weapon. Have you tried any other powder tricklers that you think deserve to be on this list? We would like to hear from you! Visit the comment section below and share your thought with the world.


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