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Best M1A Muzzle Brake – Latest Buying Guide By My Experience

Hello gun owners, if you are someone who owns an M1A, then you might be knowing how compact it is. So if you want something reliable and battle-tested, then this is the best firearm for you. Now that you have the perfect gun for yourself, you should also get a good quality muzzle brake to reduce recoil and reroute gases through its vents. There are various benefits to upscale the accuracy and overall performance of your rifle, and using a muzzle brake is the one.

So in this article, we will be listing the top findings for the M1A muzzle brakes. Below are the top-rated products with factual reviews. So go check them out. 

Best M1A Muzzle Brake

1. Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake for M1A

The first product we have in our list is from Smith enterprise; this 30 caliber muzzle brake is a go-to pick for your M1A rifle. It is three inches long and has good vents on the sides and top as well. These vents are forward proportionate and help you in a huge recoil reduction too. Not only that, but it also reroutes the gasses and is built super durable with heated mechanised stainless steel. You can operate it very smoothly and improve your shooting or firing too. 

Best Usage:FAQ
  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Competitive firing
  • Target practice
  • Self-defence
1. What is the TPI of this M1A muzzle brake?

Answer: It has ⅝*20 TPI threads. 

Key Features:

  • It has a port pattern with slimming portions. 
  • It is a very rare 2 piece brake. 
  • The front end is made from steel, and the back portion is made from salt-bath nitride.
  • It is built with corrosion-resistant material and thus lasts longer. 
  • You can count on this one as one of the most durable gun accessories. 
  • The overall length is 4.25”, which is pretty good. 
  • It is very durable and strong
  • It has a beautiful phosphate finish
  • Improves accuracy while speed shooting
  • It helps you reduce the recoil sustainability
  • Reroutes the propellant gasses away through vents
  • It has a loud noise while functioning
  • Fitting required with the help of professionals

2. Smith Enterprise Springfield M1A Muzzle Brake

Another product that we have is again from Smith Enterprise. Here you get a drop on recoil and complete muzzle control over your gun. This one also fits all the models of Chinese and domestic M14/M1A. So without further ado, let’s get into the detailed information about the product and whether you should get it or not.

Best Usage:FAQ
  • Target practice
  • Shooting 
  • Tactical
  • Firing
  • Self-defence
  • Hunting
1.Will this muzzle brake work with SOCOM 16?

Answer:  No, it will not fit the SOCOM series 

Key Features:

  • It is a 30 caliber muzzle brake for M14 & M1A rifles. 
  • You can quickly replace a flash hider whenever needed without alterations. 
  • It has a nut set screw that can help you install or de-install the device. 
  • It helps you get first control over your gun. 
  • It also reduces the recoil very well for a few selected rifles like the M14 and M1A. 
  • It has a very sleek manganese phosphate finish. 
  • It is ideal for sharpshooters. 
  • It prevents rust
  • It is easy to install
  • It is durable and will last for the long run
  • It has a very pleasing look overall
  • Controls the barrel very well
  • It helps to maintain accuracy in the second shot.
  • It does not have a bayonet lug in your brake.
  • Fittings are required with the help of professionals.

3. VIAS 30 Caliber M1A Muzzle Brake

If you want something simple, elegant and effective, then Vias features the most unique built vent pattern. This muzzle brake is built with stainless steel and is available in matt finish too. The dispersing vents are built nicely that reduces recoil and reroutes the gases. This product has an incredible maze of the hole for dispersing gas and raising the muzzle blast. So let’s read about the product more

Best Usage:FAQ
  • Competitive shooting
  • Firing
  • Hunting
  • Target practice
  • Tactical
1. Is it compatible with M14?

Answer:  Yes, it compatible with M14 and M1A 

Key Features:

  • It is built with stainless steel and comes with a parkerized finish or even matte finish. 
  • It has a multiple venturi chamber that redirects the gases for better control. 
  • It has a limiting blast effect at the time of shooting and action. 
  • This product also features attenuating holes on both horizontal and perpendicular to the centre. 
  • These lines/vents are on the bore that disperses the gas through both equal sides. 
  • It can be bought in a black matte finish, and a parkerised finish too. 
  • It is a 30 calibre compatible for M1A and M14. 
  • It is easy to install
  • It comes in a very good value
  • It has a very aesthetically pleasing look
  • It is easy to use and replace at the same time
  • It is a very sturdy muzzle brake
  • It is ideal for M1A.
  • The quality is a bit to concern
  • It is a little stiffer than the usuals

4. Springfield Armory M1A Muzzle Brake and Stabilizer

Last, in line, we have a combination of muzzle brake and stabilizer. This one is surely a great buy because you get two tools in just one package. The muzzle brake has side vents that help the gases to reroute and reduce the recoil. This product here is ideal for your M1A and M14. the combination of stabilizer with muzzle brake just adds more comfort and usability for the gun owners.

Best Usage:FAQ
  • Competitive shooting
  • Hunting
  • Self-defence
  • Firing
  • Target practice
1. Can it fit the national match barrel?

Answer:  Yes, it definitely fits the national match barrel.

Key Features:

  • It diffuses recoil smoothly
  • It enhances the shooter control ability. 
  • It helps in comforting the users each time they use it.
  • It can quickly replace the M1A flash suppressor with this recoil reduction muzzle on the go. 
  • It is the best combination of front baffles along with side vents. 
  • All of the design structure creates muzzle rise.
  • It also replaces that sharp lick with a very gentle push.
  • It has a solid bottom that prevents dust and debris. 
  • It also includes hex wenches and a castle nut plier for quick replacements.
  • Is very affordable
  • It makes you work 2x easier
  • It comes with a stabilizer, hex wrenches and castle nut
  • It makes the installation and replacement quick
  • Reduces recoil and rise in muzzle
  • It helps reroutes the gases through vents
  • It makes a shooter comfortable
  • It does not last for a very long period.
  • Instruction not given

Which is the best M1A Muzzle Brake?

After reviewing these products, Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake for M1A is the best one. It is very easy to install, reduces recoil, maintains control and reroutes the gases through vents. Other than that rest of the products are great too. I hope this article has helped you find the best product for your rifle. 

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