Best j Frame Grips – Checkout them before Buying Grips

Whether you are preparing for a combat shooting competition or own a gun for defense purposes, you would agree with us that it is important to pick one of the best J frames grips out there in the market for precise shooting. It needs a sturdy grip to handle/support the gun. Firm grip will lead to accurate shooting and loose grip can also cause harzardeous situations. 

Best j Frame Grips

If you are looking for the best J frame grip to buy then, this article will help you in your search. Here’s a list of 5 of the best J frame grips to choose from. Read ahead to know more about their features. 

1. Crimson Trace J-frame Grip

Crimson Trace J-frame Grip

Rating: 4/5 stars

Crimson Trace is an American manufacturer of the highest quality laser sights with red laser and other gun-related accessories. The experts at Crimson Trace are dedicated to the constant improvement and evolution of each product for the coming years. Take a look at the features of this J frame grip.

  • It has a 4-hour battery life that runs on 2032 lithium batteries.
  • It features a front Instinctive Activation button for immediate laser deployment.
  • The grip also features a powerful 5mW red laser- which is the brightest allowed by law, which gives an immediate, decisive advantage. 
  • The grip is completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation with the supplied tool. 
  • It also features a hard polymer surface that is perfect for safety.
  • The smooth polymer surface provides a prompt, snag-free draw. 
  • The laser grip is durable, has a defensive advantage, and comes with sighting adjustments. 
  • The company also gives a 3-year warranty on this laser grip, which makes it a trustworthy and long-lasting grip.  

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2. VZ Grip Store J-Frame Grip

VZ Grip Store J-Frame Grip

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

VZ Grips is known for its gun products and accessories and is one of the biggest manufacturers of the same, even in the military. Let’s have a look at the features of this grip from VZ Grips. 

  • This 320 grip from VZ is one of their smoothest grip from the wide range of grips they sell.
  • It has a very comfortable grip due to the minute mills and CNC machines.
  • It gives one of the most incredible grips to you and your gun and has a visual appeal to it as well. 
  • It is very reliable and durable as a matter of fact. 

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3. Hogue J-Frame GripHogue J-Frame Grip

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Hogue was found in 1968 in California. It is a famous manufacturer and distributor of firearms accessories and other related products. Hogue is best known for manufacturing pistol grips. The features of this grip from Hogue are mentioned below.

  • This extreme g-10 grip from Hogue is made from high strength G-10 composite.
  • It has a hard, durable, and effective J frame grip.
  • It features a very thin lower profile that presents the shooter with a comfortable and controllable grip making this G-10 grip very unique.
  • It also features excellent thermal properties, which makes it never too hot or cold to touch. 

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4. Pachmayr J-Frame GripPachmayr J-Frame Grip

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Pachmayr was found in 1929, and since then, it has been a world-renowned brand manufacturing recoil pads and handgun grips. It is the first choice from gunsmiths, shooters, law enforcement professionals, and firearm manufacturers. A list of features of this grip from Pachmayr is mentioned down below.

  • The grip is made of a rubber compound that is optimized for control and recoil absorption. 
  • It also features a slight palm swell for comfort.
  • The grip perfectly fits the S&W J-frame butt.
  • The grip has a checkered appearance and finger grooves for a comfortable as well as a controlled handgrip. 
  • The finger grip groove is popularly used for combat shooting and hunting.
  • The grip is easy to install, provides both comfort and accuracy when in use. 

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5. Pachmayr 63000 S&W J Frame Grip

Pachmayr J-Frame Grip

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Another great product from Pachmayr is this J-frame grip 63000 with rosewood. If you are someone who loves to style everything, then this j frame grip is going to be your style statement too. It has amazing looks and sturdy body to hold the gun and support well. Let’s have a look the key features. 

  • The grip fits well with all S&W J-frame revolvers.
  • It is crafted from top-quality wood laminated and polished to a mirror finish. 
  • The grip allows a full-hand grip for superior control over stock grips.
  • This rosewood colored grip has a textured finish for added comfort and control. 
  • It provides not only classic good looks but a perfect accent stainless steel and blue frames as well. 
  • The smooth finish of the grip is often preferred for concealed carry. 

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Which one is the best of all?

In our opinion, out of all the above-mentioned brands, the Crimson Trace LG-105 Laser grip is the best option to pick. It has heavy-duty construction and instinctive activation, which sets it apart from the rest of the J-frame grips. This grip is a perfect product, especially for defensive shooting and competition purposes. 

Apart from its unique features, this laser grip with a red laser is a highly recommended and reviewed product, and it has great customer ratings as well. Another great thing about this product is the 3-year warranty that Crimson Trace provides. This ensures durability and long-lasting performance from this grip. 

We hope you found this article helpful for selecting the best j frame grip for your revolver use. 

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