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People who own guns for their security and defense often struggle to find the right size of gun safes for keeping their firearms in a secure place. As many people prefer to stay in condos and apartments, it is vital to invest in the safes that are made for such spaces. There are many heavy safes available to keep your gun in a secured place, but often these safes do not fit in compact spaces. Hence, it is better to invest in gun safes that are made for apartments. 

Best Gun Safe for Apartment

After some rigorous research, I came across some durable, new tech and compact gun safes for apartment. These safes are specially made to slide in the cupboard or narrow spaces that make it suitable for condos and apartments. And although there are many options available, it is vital to choose the one that is equipped with all the safety features and made with premium quality materials. So to help you decide which ones are ideal for your space, I have made a list of top five guns safe for apartment. Go through the list as I am sure that you will find that one alternative that fills in all your criteria.

1. SentrySafe Security Safe for gun

SentrySafe Security Safe for gun

The first option on this list for getting the best gun safe for the apartment is this sturdy and durable security safe from SenturySafe. The safe is constructed using solid steel, a pry-resistant door and the two live-locking bolts to help you keep your valuables safe. It is California DOJ certified gun safe built to provide you with the utmost safety for your gun. This security safe is ideal for offices, apartments, homes, etc. The concealed hinges, steel construction and pry-resistant door, makes it one of the popular choices for a gun safe. The positive reviews and feedback from its buyers make it worth considering this alternative for a long-time investment for security safe.

Key features:

  •  This digital security safe offers to set up your own digital combination along with two override keys so that you can access your valuables anytime you want.
  • You can use this safe for storing other valuables such as cash, laptop, jewelry and more.
  • It also features a carpeted interior to protect your valuables against any potential damage.
  • There are different sizes available for this safe that includes extra small, small, medium, medium wide, large and extra-large. So you can select the size according to the size of your gun or the other valuables that you are planning to keep in the safe.
  • The alkaline batteries used in the operation of this safe can last up to 10 years once you start using it.


2. Barska Biometric Safe for Apartment

Barska Biometric Safe

The next option on this list is one of the popular biometric safes to keep your guns and other valuables in a secure place. This is also a DOJ approved safe that comes with an option of biometric safety that makes it a safer alternative than the other regular safes. As it has a fingerprint scan that is reliable and works in 2.5 seconds, this safe is easy to operate for the users. It also features a protective matt to protect your valuable against the damage. The keypad is convenient to use and responds robustly. The excellent quality construction and the ease of operation make it a good option for keeping your guns, valuable assets, essential documents and all other things that you want to keep protected. 

Key features:

  • The safe features an optional silent mode that can help you to enable the home defense.
  • As this safe is compact, you can keep anywhere by sliding it anywhere in the cupboard, locker, or any other place.
  • The central biometric base can keep the memory of up to 120 finger scans that make it easy to operate the safe.
  • This biometric security safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last for a year or 10,000 scans.
  • It also has a hidden keyhole and key for the times when the batteries run out.


3. FCH Gun Safe for Apartment

FCH Gun Safe 

Another durable option that you can consider for getting yourself a safe that has all vital features to safeguard your gun and other essentials. The safe comes with a keypad that you can use for setting up the password. The keypad is convenient for users to operate. It comes along with two spare keys for gun safe, two keys for the inside safebox and four AA batteries. This gun safe comes with bolts that can help you to mount the safe with ease. It comes with predrilled holes that can be used to floor mount or wall mount this safe. So now you can keep all your valuables away from the reach of your children in this safe. Also, this is the best alternative if you are looking for a large and spacious safe to keep more things.

Key features:

  • The safes come with a security design that comes with a rifle cabinet to keep your shotguns, rifles and other safety firearms.
  • It also features a small locker box inside the safe that can hold up to four handguns.
  • As the safe comes fully assembled, one just needs to insert the batteries along with setting the keypad for starting to use it.
  • The safe comes with a manual that has easy to follow instructions for programming it with ease.
  • This gun safe comes with a 30-day warranty for any defects or queries regarding the safe.


4. Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Gun Safe for Apartment

Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

If you are particularly searching for a gun safe to keep your rifle guns, then this alternative is ideal for you. There are three modes of operating this safe, which makes it unique from all the other options on this list. The first mode is to use your fingerprint, the second way is to use an electrical keypad and the last option is to use a spare key to open the safe. The gun safe is constructed using premium quality and pry-resistant steel, making it durable, sturdy and versatile. The safe also features a small lockbox inside, which you can use to store your other assets. With its advanced biometric technology, this safe is convenient to operate and keep your valuables safe. It features five points deadbolt locking system to provide you with complete safety for your valuables. One can easily store their shotguns, rifles and other firearms in this safe.

Key features:

  • The biometric safe can store up to 30 fingerprints that help in easing the operation of the safe.
  • It also comes with a removable LED light that can help the users to access their valuables in the dark.
  • The security safe comes fully assembled, so you just need to put batteries, set a code and start using it without any hassle.
  • The interiors of this gun safe are foam-padded to keep the valuable safe and protect them from getting damaged.
  • As the safe comes with pre-drilled holes, you can mount it anywhere you like, along with the hardware that is provided for installing it.
  • It operates on four AA batteries and it is advised to keep the spare keys out of the lockbox for emergencies.


5. GunVault Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

GunVault Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe

The last option on this list is the latest addition in the gun safes. This multi vault gun safe is ideal for the people who want to keep more than one gun in their safe. Although it comes in different sizes, it is always good to opt for a large one, right? The price point is quite reasonable when it comes to the quality and the features of this gun safe. It is constructed using heavy-gauge steel and a keypad with easy to learn buttons. The gun safe also has an interior shelf for keeping pistols along with the highly advanced lock mechanism that ensures the safety of your assets. It has precise cuttings design that makes it impossible for anyone to access or open the safe with tools. Lastly, it also features audio feedback that confirms correct keypad entries.

Key features:

  • There is a built-in computer block access after there are multiple invalid keypad entries for added security.
  • It features a tamper-proof spring-loaded door along with the foam lining on the interiors to protect your valuables.
  • The tamper indicator in the safe notes the number of invalid entries for keeping records.
  • The safe has lighting in the keypad so that the users do not face any problem while accessing their valuables in the dark.
  • It also has interior courtesy lights and motion-activated alarm that can be adjusted for sensitivity.


Concluding Remarks

These above-stated apartment gun safe are the top sellers and trusted ones that users also believe in. I have tried to include all types of gun safes to provide you with multiple options for consideration. Most of these safes come with an interior lockbox that also provides the users with extra space to store their valuables. As all the safes feature a high-security mechanism, it is definitely worth investing in one of these alternatives. Make sure that you go through the details and installation procedure before making the purchase. I personally would recommend a safe that features a biometric lock as it is more secured for the offices and apartments.

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