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Nowadays, shooting is more like a sport than war-winning ammunition. People tend to have a collection of guns and rifles. With this increasing popularity of guns amongst the people, there must be proper care and maintenance to be taken as well. After the hype of PUBG, SCOPE had become a very vague word easily understood and used by many. But this scope is like a telescope to your gun during distance shooting. Distance shooting requires more accuracy, and range measurement as one single mistake can create a ruckus. 

Like the telescope, these scopes are delicate too. Along with guns, you need to take care of your scopes as well. Maintaining and routine cleaning is a must. Moreover, for forming a protective layer against scratches, dust, and particles, flip-up scope covers are also available in the market. These have become my absolute favorite these days. You should use them and see the difference by yourself. After using the scope covers, you will have to spend less time cleaning them. 

Best Flip Up Scope Covers 

So in this article I have mentioned my top 5 picks for best flip-up scope covers 2021. Scroll down to find your perfect match, as I did.

1. Leupold’s Aluminium Flip Up Scope Covers

Leupold’s Aluminium Flip Up Scope CoversIf you are someone who loves to invest in a “Value for Money” product, then Leupold is the brand. I am saying this because as soon as you order these caps, receive the order and open the packaging, you will realize the hard-built quality of the caps and what difference it will make once covering your scope. This relentless brand has brought the best product to take everywhere. These scope covers are best in competition, on the battlefield, or during hunting. These packs of two caps are surely affordable for your gun, so keep reading the specifications below.

Key Features:

  • It is designed with powerful neodymium magnets. 
  • It has tripe O-rings sealing to provide utmost protection. 
  • These Scope Caps are compatible with Leupold rifle scopes with a 40mm lens. 
  • It is designed for durability and strength. 
  • It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum that allows a quick and easy response during each operation. 
  • It has a low-profile position on your gun that makes these flip-back covers best from the rest. 
  • It comes in a pack of 2 scope caps.  
  • It is constructed in a round objective method through which one can rotate the cover and open it in any direction they want. 
  • These caps are not waterproof, so make sure you take extra care during rains.

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2. Butler Creek’s Flip Open Scope Cover

Butler Creek’s Flip Open Scope CoverAnother great brand and product is Butler Creek. Millions of people use these super affordable scope covers. The products from Butler Creek are innovative, unique, and come at very budget-friendly rates. You can also get premium quality products at very easy prices. This set of 2 scope covers are extremely durable and simple to work with. These custom-fit caps have a one-touch opening with your thumb. 

Key Features:

  • It has a fast flip-open design that allows you to keep an eye on your target and quickly function your scope.
  • It has silent spring hinges that won’t spook your attention or distract you. 
  • It has water-tight friction mounting the scope with an easy anchor. 
  • The scope cover has an air-tight semi-O-ring to prevent dust and moisture on your scope. 
  • It comes in a pack of Two flip-open covers. 
  • It is the best and tested to 40 degrees Ferenhite. 
  • It weighs very little than the other products mentioned in the list here. 
  • The cover is made for spotting scopes as well.
  • You can click on the link given here for sizing and instructions too.  

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3. Vortex Riflescope Caps

Vortex Riflescope CapsComing to the best-selling product on the list, Vortex has the best in the store. It is a very huge brand of service gun accessories of standardized quality. The brand also offers you with a lifetime warranty on the purchase of any product. Now is definitely a deal cracker. So if you are someone who loves to experiment and wants to try some really good stuff, then you must use these riflescope defender 24 flip open caps. Keep reading below for more features.

Key Features:

  • It is the most versatile scope available in the market with virtual indestructibility. 
  • It is also very strong and durable, won’t leave your gun in the middle. 
  • It has a stainless steel spring that flips open the cover at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 
  • You can now vertically position the scope cover for inserting the dope disk while shooting. 
  • It is one of the perfect products manufactured by Vortex in the USA. 
  • The E10 covers fit all riflescopes from Vortex. 
  • The outer diameter of the cover is 41.5-46mm. 
  • It is compatible with PST-43111, PST-1605, PST-1607, SE-1624-1, SE-1824-1, CF2-31035, CF2-31037, CF2-31047,RZR-16003, RZR-16004, RZR-16005, PST-14ST-M, PST-14ST-A.

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4. Monstrum Rubberized Flip Scope Covers

Monstrum Rubberized Flip Scope Covers 12Another great option comes from the brand Monstrum. The scope covers are truly exceptional as they are very affordable and waterproof as well. It is very rare to find good quality caps that work in every environment. But these flip-up covers are the best. Monstrum offers different size rifle scope covers compatible with all your ammunition. Keep reading below to know more specifications about the same. 

Key Features:

  • It is a rubberized flip-up rifle scope cover with utmost durability. 
  • It conforms tightly to your lens and around the scope tube. 
  • It brilliantly protects the lenses from abrasion, dust, and debris. 
  • It is a spring-loaded pop open flip-up cover with an effortless opening. 
  • You can secure the caps when not using them with tightly mechanized closure. 
  • It fits perfectly on the lenses and has various options for different-sized guns.
  • You can measure the diameter and match the size while ordering online.
  • It is ideal for working in every situation and weather. 
  • The finger push hinges help during quick action, especially during hunting.

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5. Aukmont Flip-Up Caps

Aukmont Flip-Up CapsLast, in line, we have Aukmonth’s Flip-Up caps with the lowest price. These spring entitled cases can act quickly and help you in shooting, wars, and much more. These lens protectors come in various sizes depending on the size of your scope. You can simply measure the outer diameter of your scope and match a cap accordingly. Let’s have a look at some more features.

Key Features:

  • This flip-up cap can protect your scope lens from all the dust, scratches, and debris. 
  • You can choose the caliber of your choice too from the link given. 
  • It is a fast flip designed cap for fast target tracking. 
  • It is also best for acquisition at medium to long ranges. 
  • It is made up of rubber material that is ideal for working in every condition. 
  • It seamlessly fits the scope and provides a custom fit design. 
  • It is made up of PP plastic and rubber induced together.
  • Be smart to choose the best in your budget and sizes. 

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Final Verdict:

Now that you understand the importance of having a scope cover, I am sure you won’t take a long to buy these caps. But to give my opinion, I would say that Leupold’s Aluminium Flip Up Scope Covers are the best in the game. I have compared millions of reviews, my personal experience, and most importantly, quality, fitment, and durability. This brand aces it all. So if you want to get the perfect cover, then you should go with it. Other than that, the rest of all are great as well. I hope you liked this article. If you have any other scope flip-up cover, mention the product in the comment box below. I will review it too. That’s all for now, Tadda!

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