Best Flash Hole Deburring Tool – Detailed Review With Pros And Cons

Do you also get tired of burrs on your workpieces and want to deburr them with some super-effective pieces? If yes, then you are at the right place. Dealing with machines regularly can be an invitation for burrs on your workpieces. Due to this, the functionality of the part of the product always gets affected, and you need to rely on a professional to get it cleaned. But now, you can rely on yourself but just buying the right deburring tool to have smooth components back again. 

Here’s a guide for you all that will explain to you what causes a burr, how to remove it, and which are the best flash hole deburring tools. 

What causes Burr?

Burring is very common during the process of machining. Burrs can be formed by:

  • Forming
  • Casting
  • Stamping
  • Molding
  • Sintering
  • Fineblanking
  • Milling
  • Turing
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting and much more

Moreover, the burrs form in three different types too.

  • Rollover burrs
  • Poisson burrs and
  • Breakout burrs

So here’s a detailed review of the few tools for flash hole deburring. 

Best Flash Hole Deburring Tools

Product Name




AFA Tooling Flash Hole Deburring Tool


Saker’s Flash Hole Deburring Tool
Stainless Steel


RCBS Flash Deburring Tool


Yufutol’s 15 pcs blade deburring tool


Layman Flash Hole Deburring Tool


1. AFA Tooling Flash Hole Deburring Tool

Material: Metal

AFA Tooling Flash Hole Deburring ToolIf you are someone who doesn’t love to compromise, then this is the tool for you. You always need the trite tool to perform the right style of work. And so, if you want flash holes, then you will definitely need the best deburring tool. AFA has all the vital tools necessary for mechanics, metalworkers, crafters, and many others. The sharpness of the tool is clean and crisp. Let’s get to know more about its features.

  • It is a long-reach deburring tool that can be used for straight edge cutting, flash holes, curve edges, deep holes, and many more.
  • It has high-tempered steel blades that can work 80% longer than the usual ones.
  • This kit comes with 15 additional blades and a countersink hand reamer.
  • It has a very comfortable handle along with secret storage that can store up to 4 blades inside.
  • It is a very versatile tool as it easily removes plastic, wood, and metal from any surface.
  • It is very durable and works best on steel, brass, and aluminum
  • The storage is not up to the mark, and it is too small to hold four blades.

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2. Saker’s Flash Hole Deburring Tool

Material: Stainless Steel

Saker’s Flash Hole Deburring ToolIf you are searching for a professional brand that has operating teams to design each of the products. They have a very simple yet efficient deburring tool. This Drill bit is made to solve your problems and is very durable. The three shaving teeth with hexagon shaft make the drilling easy and sharp. Now you can quickly clean up every minor thread or burr pipes slide the bolt in. 

  • It can be used on mild steel, copper, fiberglass, brass, and hard plastic.
  • It uses 0-400 RPMs power and fits 3mm to 19mm.
  • It is ideal for repairing all your damaged bolts.
  • It is built with very high-quality steel that has a sharp cutter ability to perform the operation.
  • It is not for flash holes, but still, if you are searching for a deburring tool that helps you remove the burr, then this is the best drill bit.
  • It balances quickly, and you can quickly figure out how to center the tool.
  • It thoroughly cleans the bolts and threads.
  • It will not work if the material gets off the center, and then you have it all mess.

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3. RCBS Flash Deburring Tool

Material: Metal

RCBS Flash Deburring ToolSince 1943, RCBS has been a leading brand when it comes to reloading equipment. If you are into gunsmithing and gathering necessary tools, then you must get this one. They ensure to deliver the highest quality tools and accessories to satisfy customers’ needs. This flash hole deburring tool offers precision along with great design and usability. Let’s get to know some merits and demerits. 

  • It automatically removes the burr by locating the hole quickly without human adjustments.
  • It has a self-centering pilot collar that allows you to align quickly.
  • It is made of high-quality metal and very durable.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty which one needs to know before buying.
  • It works best when used with .22 caliber cartridges.
  • It is one of the most essential hunting case trim tools.
  • It helps in putting a good chamber on the hole inside the case to deburr with less pressure.
  • It has a slightly large pilot, and it sticks in the mouth of the case. So it would be best to choose a universal pilot cone-shaped.

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4. Yufutol’s 15 pcs blade deburring tool

Material: Steel

Yufutol’s 15 pcs blade deburring toolYufutol has come up with a combination of tools that you use for flash hole deburring with utter ease. One gets a complete set of tools that you can easily take away and perform operations. The 15 pcs blades are a great deal as you will never run out of blades, and you will always have a backup too. So let’s get into the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this product. 

  • It works perfectly on fiberboard, steel, plastic, aluminum, and many more.
  • It is a very easy-to-use tool to cut edges for flash holes, deep holes, curved edges, and so on.
  • It is made with high-speed steel that will last longer and stay sharp.
  • It has a pointed tiles cutter pen that can be used to draw a line before deburring.
  • It comes in a package of 1 swivel handle, 1 pointed cutter pen, and 15 trimmer blades.
  • It is an all-purpose deburring tool that works perfectly well on plastic, wood, aluminum, and many others.
  • It is not as durable as it states, and you always have a better durable option given in the list here.

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5. Layman Flash Hole Deburring Tool

Material: Metal

Layman Flash Hole Deburring ToolOur last product in the line is Layman’s Flash hole deburring tool with a very simple yet effective design and mechanism. The simple structure comes with long durability, and you can easily use this for more than 3 years. So you are someone who needs a handy tool to clean the burr, then you have found the product.

  • It has a steel cutter that you need to insert in the flash hole.
  • It has an adjustable stop collar option that helps you to use different sizes of cases.
  • You can quickly remove the burrs by rotating the tool clockwise.
  • It easily fits .22 to .45 calibers.
  • It is great for flash holes, and through this, you can cut really big and clear ones.
  • It cuts really fast, and the performance of the tool is very consistent too.
  • It is the ideal tool considering the price
  • It cannot cut too deep while you are working aggressively.

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How to remove Burrs?

Thankfully, deburring is not a tough task as it looks. You can remove the burrs in four different ways depending on the type of metal. Following are the four ways:

1) Manual:

Here you need a technical person to scrape off the burr out of your metal. This is a time-consuming process but simple too. Not to forget that this is the most economical way. 

2) Mechanical:

Here you need a mechanical machine to scrape off the burr, and it is quite costlier than a manual one, but it is completely effective and not time-consuming at all. 

3) Thermal:

Here combustive gases are used to generate thermal energy to remove the burrs out of your metal workpiece. This method is only used to remove burrs that are really hard to reach by manual or mechanical methods. 

4) Electrochemical:

Here a salt or glycol solution is needed to conduct energy. The electrochemical energy will blast the burr away from the metal. 

Which is the best flash hole deburring tool?

According to me, AFA tooling has the best deburring tool. Its long reach extension head easily removes the burrs and flaws from the flash hole. Also, it has sharply angled blades that work best on plastic, metal, and wood. Most importantly, it comes in a combo of a deburring tool, hand reamer, and 15 blades. Apart from that, other mentioned products are amazing as well. You can set your budget and need to decide which product suits you best. I hope this article helped you find the best flash hole tool to remove the burr. Keep supporting this page. 

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