Best AR Lower Parts Kit – Top Recommendations From Experts

Does it happen to you also that you purchase a rifle which you always dreamt off and after it arrived you are not happy with its look? Well, it is very obvious that after spending 30-504 over a rifle you still feel the dissatisfaction. But you can always gather the lower parts kit and customize your gun as per your needs. These kits have all the little bit details that can make your gun stronger. 

Best AR Lower Parts Kit

Here is an article including all the best AR Lower Parts Kit for your rifles. Keep scrolling down to get the best products at the best prices.

1) AR Lower Parts Kit from Lewis Machine & Tool


Lewis Machine & Tool Company is one of the oldest and renowned brands manufacturing high-quality weapon components. These lower part kits are among the best sellers they have in hand. To meet the day-to-day human life requirements, you can surely rely on this brand to opt for the finest products. You can also find different parts separately, but this kit has everything you need. From smaller springs and rolls to hard build bolts you can get it all.

Key Features:

  • It is a two-stage lower part kit for AR15. 
  • It includes all the necessary lower parts with extra tools. 
  • The parts are made from stainless steel, so there is no risk of corrosion. 
  • It has a trigger guard roll pin with a trigger guard assembling tool. 
  • It has an ejector spring, takedown detent spring and a buffer retainer spring. 
  • It has a receivers pivot point, a very important part for lower building stage. 
  • It has a fire control detent and takedown pin. 
  • It has a bolt catch roll pin and a plunger. 
  • It has a magazine catch button with a spring. 
  • Also, it has an Ambi selector assembly and a 2nd stage trigger.

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2) CMC Triggers AR 15 Lower Parts Kit

CMC triggers

If you want to see consistent growth in your gun, then you have to build it that way. Our recommendation will be CMC triggers for the lower parts kits. You can rely on the brand and its upgraded trigger-style structure. It also comes with a pistol grip, so you need not buy it separately. Using AR15 needs lots of caliber’s, and so these two-stage parts are just perfect for assembling the half gun.

Key Features:

  • It has a unique mil-spec trigger with a hammer or a spring that you will not in any other brands.
  • You can also choose between flat trigger bows or curved bows. 
  • The lower parts kit includes 1 bolt catch.
  • It has a bolt catch plunger and bolt spring.
  • It also has a bolt catch roll pin with mag release. 
  • You can also find a mag release button and spring. 
  • Also, one can find a buffer retainer spring for safety.
  • It has a trigger guard and a trigger roll pin. 
  • One can find all parts with 100% warranty on purchase.

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3) Luth’s AR Lower Parts Kit


If you compare the price of this product, then you may feel like the quality may also differ. But to my surprise, Luth’s AR lower parts kit has amazing quality at the poverty pony process. This kit is the best fit for your gun, and it is very easy to assemble. All of these parts do not even require fitment and meet all your mil-spec requirements. So go check what Luth has in their store for the lower parts kit.

Key Features:

  • It has a mil-spec controller component for your AR15 rifle. 
  • It has a premium quality trigger, hammer, disconnector and pins. 
  • You can easily assemble the parts and form a strong lower body of your gun. 
  • It has a buffer retainer and retainer spring. 
  • Also, it has a trigger guard with trigger pin. 
  • You can have a detent to measure the safety selector lever. 
  • You can also have an ejector spring with 2x detent spring. 
  • One can also find bolt catches with rolling pins and magazine catch. 
  • Do not need to worry as it has pivot pins and disconnectors too. 
  • This brand provides pistol grip for body, bolt and lock washer.

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4) AR15 Lower Parts Kit from Geissele Automatics


Geissele Automatics is of the very well known brand when you are dealing with guns. There is no doubt in quality as they have won the military contracts too. It is a bit pricey but as we say good things come with a cost. So yes, you can trust the product for its high quality and fitment. The users also get a chance to have a pistol grip with the package. You can also get all the mil-spec safety selectors. 

Key Features:

  • Geissele Automatic has 17 different lower parts.
  • Each part has meticulously designed tools to meet the high standard of AR15 rifles.
  • The kit ensures optimum fitting and has mil-spec. 
  • It has a bolt catch plunger, roll pin and spring. 
  • It has a mag release button and spring. 
  • It also has a buffer retainer spring to maintain safety to the users. 
  • Users can also find trigger guard roll pins with pivot pins. 
  • In addition one also gets a pistol grip to maintain a sleek look of their gun.

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5) Best AR15 LPK from Double Star

DOUBLE STAR Last, in line, we have Double start’s premium line of LPK for AR15. The products are giving tough competition in the market for the last 25 years and are successful in distributing accessories. You demand the best, and they deliver the best. You can get high quality, better fitment, mil-spec safety and durability from them. Read the features below to know more.

Key Features:

  • Double star is the cost-effective range for the users. 
  • It includes all the necessary inclusions required to form a strong lower gun. 
  • The kit has fire control grip pins and spring. 
  • Having this lower part kit can be helpful for beginners to learn assembling a gun.
  • It has a bolt catch assembly with magazine catch assembly. 
  • You can also get front pivot pin with rear takedown pins. 
  • It has springs and detents with trigger guarding pins.
  • One can also get a pistol grip along with the package. 
  • It has a buffer detent and washer.

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Bottom Line:

So I hope you have chosen the best AR lower parts kit for your AR15. In my opinion, Lewis Machine & Tool is the best as it fulfils all my requirements and meets the expectations as well. That is all for now, keep improving your weapons, and I will be back with another interesting article.

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