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Best 7.62×39 Muzzle Brake – Check Out This Review Guide Before Buying

There’s always a challenge while finding the best 7.62*39 muzzle brake. But there are a few ways you can quickly solve this puzzle too. There are few things that you need to take care of while purchasing any muzzle brake. So in this article, I have listed a comparison of three top-rated products. According to my findings and reviews, you must check them out too. So if you want great quality, recoil reduction and accurate muzzle devices for your AR pistols and rifles, then you must read further. 

Best 7.62×39 Muzzle Brake

1. Primary Weapons AK47 Muzzle Brake 7.62*39

This patented compensator is very effective for the shooters for their training and professional firing sessions. It offers recoil reduction and flash suppression too. This one from Primary weapons is one of the most famous compensators in the market available right now. The very unique design is the key speciality of this product, and it also keeps the flash out of optics and line of sight. 

Best Uses:FAQ:
  • Target practice
  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Self-defence
  • Tactical
1.What is the diameter of the 7.62*39 muzzle brake?

Answer: The diameter of this device is .865.”

2.What is the overall length?

Answer: The overall length is 2.10.”

Key Features:

  • It is designed for tactical and competitive uses. 
  • It helps you get superior muzzle stabilization. 
  • It helps you aid faster follow-up and accurate shots. 
  • It is an ideal muzzle brake for 7.62*39.
  • It has a very unique design that yields control over the gun. 
  • It also helps you exceed your shooting experience. 
  • The TPI id 14*1LH and calibre .30
  • It is built with 4140 mechanised steel, which is HD treated.
  • It is easy to install
  • Is durable and tough, which lasts long
  • It works best with many pistols and guns
  • It is a great value for money, and you must go for it
  • It is built with heated mechanised steel
  • Fitting is required for this one
  • May need the help of a professional gunsmith

2. VG6 Precision Epsilon 7.62*39 Muzzle Brake

The VG6 Epsilon AK is a great combination of a muzzle brake, flash hider and compensator for your AK47. It is designed similar to the Gamma line of muzzle brakes for 6.5 Creedmoor and Grendel. You can only use this product with 7.62*39mm. The VG6 Epsilon AK will not disturb your view while shooting, and you won’t miss the sight too. Moreover, it has 6 valve holes that allow faster gasses and reduce recoil. 

Best Uses:FAQ:
  • Hunting
  • Shooting
  • Target practice
  • Self-defence
1.Will it work with 300AAC style upper?

Answer: No, it will not.

2.Will it create a low energy recoil?

Answer: Yes, it surely will. 

Key Features:

  • It is built with 17-4ph heat mechanised stainless steel. 
  • It comes in a very sleek black nitride finish and stainless steel finish. 
  • It is an ideal muzzle brake for 7.62*39. 
  • It has 14*1 LH TPI.
  • It also includes a crush washer for easy installation. 
  • It has an indexing pin slot which reduces the muzzle retention. 
  • The overall weight of the muzzle brake is 2.24 oz only. 
  • Creates low recoil energy
  • Allows you to keep complete control
  • A great update for all the AK rifles
  • It is durable and tough
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Works best on field
  • Requires fitting with the help of a professional
  • It does not last very long

3. Surefire Procomp 7.62 Muzzle Brake

SureFire ProComps has some next-level muzzle brakes. The ProComp 556 fits Most with 4/M16 weapons and other variants of 1/2-28 muzzle threads. The SureFire ProComp 762 works with AR10/LR308 rifles and 5/8-24 muzzle threads. This way, you can surely count on the brand and its products. Choose any of the products for quick shot recovery. If you have 7.62*39mm, then you must go with this product. 

Best Uses:FAQ:
  • Hunting
  • Target practice
  • Shooting
  • Self-defence
  • Competitive shooting
1.What is the Caliber of this muzzle brake?

Answer: It has .308 caliber for 7.62mm.

2. What is the overall length?

Answer: The overall length of the brake is 2.67.”

Key Features:

  • It helps in recoil impulse reduction and muzzle rise. 
  • It has a unique discussion design that minimizes rear blast. 
  • It has vertical porting that loads bi-pod legs and helps you to target faster. 
  • It is built from heat-treated stainless steel.
  • It has a high precision single-point thread interface. 
  • It does not require permanent modification or installation to your firearm. 
  • It is an advanced muzzle brake for 5.56mm and 7.62mm.
  • It is easy to install
  • It has a very good value for money
  • It is safe to use
  • It has an appealing look
  • It is built strong and is very durable
  • Requires fitting with the help of an expert
  • It does not include a crush washer

Muzzle Brake vs. Compensator vs. Flash Suppressor

So before you jump to the conclusion and find which is the best product of all, here is something you need to know. First, if you are a pro gunsmithing expert, you must know the difference between muzzle brake, compensator, and suppressor. But if you don’t know, then keep reading ahead. 

All three of these help your gun to reduce recoil. So now what’s the difference if they serve the same purpose? Well, a muzzle brake not only reduces recoil but also reroutes gases through their ported designs. Thus you can prevent your face from the attack of propellant gasses blowing back at you. 

Similar to a muzzle brake, a compensator does the same job but only in a vertical direction. This means instead of side vents like muzzle devices; it has vertical vents. 

Now the flash hider or suppressor helps you to reduce recoil and can turn the flash non-existent. It is used for night shooting most of the time and prevents night blindness. These are super handy, and you can install them during your action time too. And as you have no flash in your gun, it will be difficult for your enemies to know your position. 

Now that you know all about the threes, you can choose your best device and attach it with your rifles. Make sure that you are clear with your needs and then buy a product. 

Which is the best 7.62*39 Muzzle Brake?

To find out the best, you need to research more, and if you have reviewed these products well, you must have come to a conclusion and might have just brought the product. Anyways, in my opinion, Primary Weapons AK47 Muzzle Brake 7.62*39 is the best which you should go for. It is best for competitive shooting, hunting, self-defence and much more. Also, it reduces recoil, fastens your gun, improves grass production and helps you aim well. Of course, the other two products are great options too. But as we say, a few things extra is what we love. So you should not wait here now, instead get your best-fitted muzzle brake soon. 

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