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Best 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake – Buying Guide With Pros And Cons

Whenever you come across the work RECOIL, what comes to your mind first? In my head, all I want is to reduce it as much as possible. So if you are like me and want to reduce the recoil while shooting, then here is a great way to do it. The .450 Bushmaster is the key component that will help you in this process. 

So in this article, I will be listing the best 450 bushmaster muzzle brakes that you should not miss out on. 

Benefits of Upgrading to .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake

Before reviewing the products, there are a few benefits you must look at. I am sure these findings will assure you to take a step ahead and get a 450 bushmaster device. 

Reduce Recoil

The most important benefit of having a muzzle brake is recoil reduction. So the .450 enhances the performance of your AR rifle and lowers the recoil rounds. 


After reviewing the current scenario and market, I have come up with the test which leads that having a .450 device is quite cost-effective for gun owners. Improved performance is the only factor every gunsmithing person would recommend to you. 

Supports your Suppressor

The muzzle devices simply minimize the noise and work effortlessly. So this actually supports the suppressor, and if you are shooting a group where noise is a concern, then this is the most beneficial factor. 

Best 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake

Product NameProsRatings
Brownells AR15 – 450 Bushmaster Barrel
  • Has 3 port muzzle brake
  • Reduces recoil
Silencerco Muzzle Brake 450 Bushmaster
  • Anti-corrosive body
  • Made with stainless steel
Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable

1. Brownells AR15 – 450 Bushmaster Barrel

Brownells AR15 - 450 Bushmaster BarrelThese big-bore barrels are exactly what you have been looking for. They have included muzzle brakes along with the barrels. This particular product is everything you need to work along with the AR15 rifles. This fine matt black finish 450 bushmaster comes at a deal-breaking price. The barrels have included boots along with the high-end barrel. 

Key Features:

  • It gives you the outstanding performance you need 
  • It features a button-rifled structure that is made with steel
  • It also features a 1:14 rate of twist
  • It is threaded especially for suppressor use
  • It includes a nitride coating that prevents corrosion
  • It can be machined with an 11-degree crown
  • Quality is assured
  • A 3 port muzzle brake
  • Made with magnetic particles
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • The brake might not time the right way if installed wrongly.
  • A bit pricey for people looking for only bushmaster muzzle brakes.

Buy From Brownwlls


1. Which is the best gas block that goes along with the barrel?

Answer .875” is the best one. 

2. Does this product come with the shims?

Answer: It does not come with shims and crusher, so if you want to install the bushmaster muzzle, then you have to use any other shims and crusher. 

2. Silencerco Muzzle Brake 450 Bushmaster

Silencerco Muzzle Brake 450 Bushmaster

Another great product to look for is Silencerco Muzzle Brake 450 Bushmaster. The body is really strong and made of stainless steel with a black oxide matt finish. So no worry about corrosion as it has particles preventing rust. The quality is also considerable and will surely reduce recoil. 

Key Features:

  • It has three large ports for less recoiling. 
  • It helps to allow quick recovery in between two shots. 
  • With the help of this .450 bushmaster muzzle brake, you can easily suppress your big bore AR15. 
  • It is very easy to mount this brake. 
  • You can easily attach and detach the mount too. 
  • It offers durability along with a great price. 
  • It can easily fit any muzzle with ¾-24 thread specs. 
  • Built with superior stainless steel
  • Supports one-hand attachment too
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Provides excellent recoil reduction
  • Quite pricey
  • A bit tough to install

Buy From Brownwlls


1. Does it include a crush washer?

Answer No, it does not include a crush washer.

2. Does it include a ¾ shim kit?

Answer Yes the package included ¾ shim kits. 

3. Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake

Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Muzzle BrakeIf you are looking for the best budget pick, then Ruger American is the one. This 450 bushmaster is the next level armament ideal for your AR rifles. When you can get an affordable product, remember the quality is not compromised at all. This stainless steel muzzle brake and CNC machined design work the best for every gun owner. So if you are running out of budget, then you must consider this product for sure.

Key Features:

  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It is a standard 2.5 long muzzle brake
  • It is lighter than the products mentioned above 
  • It is a real steal when it comes to money
  • It is ideal for .450 bushmaster muzzle
  • It has a quick recoil time
  • It includes a crush washer along with the product
  • It can be installed by a non-professional too. 
  • Built with superior stainless steel
  • Supports one-hand attachment too
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Provides excellent recoil reduction
  • Quite pricey
  • A bit tough to install

Buy From Brownwlls


1. Does it include a crush washer?

Answer Yes, it does, other high priced products don’t.

2. What is the exact internal dimension?

Answer .500” for projectile clearance from inside.

How to Install a Muzzle Brake/Device?

You might be thinking that installing a device over your gun would be the most difficult thing, but it is not the same case here. You can very simply install your .450 bushmaster muzzle brake. Follow the steps given below:

  • Make sure the rifle is empty
  • Now place the upper portion of the receiver on the rifle.
  • Now install the crush washer (most products won’t include crush washer)
  • Now thread it in a clockwise direction and slowly come upwards. 
  • Just check if the brake is properly aligned visually.

And that is it; you have successfully installed a muzzle brake all by yourself. 

Which is the Best 450 Bushmaster Muzzle Device?

According to me- the best product for oneself differs from person to person. If you are looking for one of the most demanded and preached products, then Brownells AR15 – 450 Bushmaster Barrel is the one. It is a bit high priced but absolutely one of the ideal matches for the big bores. You can also go with the other two if you are having budget issues. Make sure you choose one because trust me having a muzzle device creates a huge impact on your gun. That’s all for now; I’ll share more helpful articles soon. 

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It was high school when I made a weapon out of metal (for a school project, obviously). Since then, learning about guns, weapons, and accessories has never stopped. This is Caitlin Holland; welcome to my dream page, “Gunsmithing Hero.” Here I will share all my gun hacks, reviews, weapon mechanism, and much more.

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